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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ready for Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!!! We are all ready for Easter. The house is decorated and the family is coming over tomorrow for a big Easter ham dinner.
I wanted to share some of my fun Easter decorations for this year. I'll start with these two darling lavender bunnies. They were only .49 cents each at the Goodwill!
I put these fantastic homemade decorated eggs in their baskets.
Aren't they wonderful!
I found all of these at St. Vincent De Paul for $1.99. They are actually real eggs! I could not believe it, but here's proof.....
....oh sad day! Some of them  did not fare so well through their travels to the thrift store donation box, to the store floor, to my cart, to my car and then to my home. Most of them are intact though.
This is one of my favorites. I'm sitting here wondering, how in the world did they make that large hole in the front without cracking the whole eggshell? It's kind of sad that someone went to so much work to make such beautiful eggs and then they ended up at a thrift store, but no fear.....
.....I rescued them and now they are proudly on display in all their glory again!
I found these cute egg lights at a thrift store and I hung them on this shelf in our family room.
Here's a better shot of all the cute pastel colors. I LOVE how they look! I also love that little cutie sitting on the couch reading! :0)
This is a new find this year too. Love, love, love this! She's such  pretty lady in her Easter bonnet at church with her Bible. Beautiful! It cost me $2.99.
I found these sweet bunnies at a garage sale for $1.00 for the set!
Here's a cute couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hare. These are new finds this year from Goodwill for $3.00 for the pair.
My kitchen bunny chef is giving away free hot coffee today!
I've had this fun vintage Easter post card for many years. It's so precious!
In this corner I have a faux chocolate bunny next to a pretty candle.
I love this candle. I found it at a garage sale for .50 cents.
It says Happy Easter on the back. Love!!!
Some adorable chickies adorn my kitchen windowsill.
I have to share these cuties. This is actually my first ever Easter decoration when I was a young bride and mother.
I purchased her at a candle party, I think it was called Lunds Lights. She's been a staple Easter decoration since 1984!
Well....this year I found her long lost twin sister at a thrift store!
I'm so excited to have two of them now!
They are made by Lefton.
It cracked me up that neither of them have ever been lit! Well that's going to change this year, for tomorrow they will be lit on Easter day!
Here's my kitchen bookshelf display.
I just grouped a bunch of fun bunnies and chicks together.
This nicely dressed gentleman bunny is standing guard!
In the living room I grouped a bunch of my whimsical vintage items together on the fireplace hearth.
So many fun things!!!!
This Easter Express is one of my all time favorite decorations. I found it at a garage sale and it's very old!
I heart this little ragged yellow plush bunny. He was loved dearly sometime ago by a precious child.
This cardboard bunny sitting in a basket made of crepe paper with crepe paper eggs is so darling!
In the powder room I have a small display with a very old Easter church bulletin and some wonderful eggs made from real sugar!
Here's a fun vintage Easter basket filled with more antique bunnies and paper-mache eggs.
Another vintage postcard from 1915!
This sweet greeting is hanging on the back of the front door.
I just put out a few things on the front porch this year.
Here's another sign like the one I showed you that I have hanging on a shelf in the family room. I love these! This one cost $1.99 from Goodwill.
A chalk board message for our guests, "He is risen!"
I had a fun time setting the dinning room table.
I used an old quilt for the tablecloth.
I used my mother-in-law's silver and china. I also will be using my grandmother's china as well.
Notice the fabo bunnies!
I could not believe it when I found them at my neighbors garage sale for $10.00 for the set!
The house is ready and tomorrow morning I will prepare the ham and put it in the oven to cook while we are at church celebrating that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead!  Our family will come over for a beautiful dinner at about 3:00. I'm so thankful for the girls in my life, Brittany, Megan and Rachelle for many reasons, but I'm extra thankful because they all will be bringing side dishes tomorrow!
Praise the Lord for He is risen!!!

Happy Easter!

"And he said to them, "Do not be amazed; you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who has been crucified. He has risen." Mark 16:6

Hugs, Sharon


Simply Shelley said...

I love everything you have shown here...such fun things. The old well loved bunny was my favorite though :) I have always liked seeing how you decorate your kitchen shelf for every season and holiday...looks great this Easter. Hope your time with your family tomorrow is so blessed.

Anonymous said...

Up early for sunrise service and putting cinnamon buns in the oven. Love all of your decorations. again you have such a great goodwill store there!!! Love the lefton china chic you found. Lefton started in 1945. Lefton helped a man who was Japanese during the war here in America and he helped Lefton get started. The green Christmas creamer you have is Lefton, dark green with red berries. I have a lot of their Christmas. Happy Easter Family Day.

Anonymous said...

Also Sharon, when you have time can you post a picture of the inside of that old Easter Church Bulletin with the date. thanks

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Your home is as lovely as ever! I love how you have such an appreciation for old things (like that precious little stuffed yellow bunny.) Now alot of folks would probably walk right past him.
I hosted Easter dinner here (1st time in 5 yrs.), and I'm whooped! Wow, it was alot of work, but worth it.

Happy *April Fool's!* (smiles!)

Mardell said...

I forgot to say how beautiful those decorated eggs are! Wow!! Imagine all the work went into those. Amazing.

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