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Friday, March 29, 2013

Pruning the fruit trees!

These are our fruit trees.
We have six of them, two apple, two plum, a cherry and a pear.
My husband, Eric, planted these trees right after we moved here about 17 years ago. I lovingly refer to this area as our orchard!
I don't think these poor trees have ever been pruned in all that time! My husband and I enjoy our fruit trees, but admittedly, we don't know anything about them!
However, we did notice that over the past couple of years the trees were not bearing much fruit.
We knew that it was time to prune them, so a couple of weeks ago Eric hired a friend to come over and trim them.
His name is Joe and he's a very hard worker. He got there at 9:00 am and worked until 3:00 pm.
He was smart and as he trimmed the limbs, he gathered them up to the garden area, so he didn't have a huge mess at the end. He then trimmed up the limbs in the brush pile for easier burning, which we will do later in the season.
Wow, what a mess!
That's a lot of trimmings!
When Eric got home from work, he went out there to help.
He's such a strong and capable man and handsome too! I'm a lucky girl!
Look at that brush pile now! Wow!
Oh my looks like a war zone in our backyard!
What a mess!
There are branches everywhere!
Well, they are all done. The trees look so tiny now. I hope they will respond well to the pruning.
That's a huge burn pile!
It's kind of shocking to see how much smaller they are. I hope we wont regret this!
We still have scraps to pick up.
Eric and I both cleaned up a lot of the mess, but then we hired Hayden to do the rest.
He worked hard.
He also mowed the lawn. There's no reason for this picture other than I think he's cute!
Just to remind you...this is the before shot and....
...this is the after shot.
It's quite a difference.
It's nice and clean now, but I'm sad that I will lose my magical orchard. I actually set a table up here and had a fun ladies tea for my friends with quilts for tablecloths and mismatched china; it was really fun. I would love to do that again.
We sure hope the trees will continue to grow and bear fruit for us.
It blows my mind to see how many branches came off those few trees! We should have done this a long time ago!
Hayden gathered up all of the remaining branches and threw them in the burn pile and then he put a big tarp over it. It looks like a small car is under there!
I cannot believe the size of that burn pile. We will burn it sometime later this spring.
Until then, can anybody think of anything we could do with all those sticks? I do believe I know somebody who would enjoy them! haha!

"I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit." John 15:1-2

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

wow that was a huge job but it looks great . You have a very interesting back yard too , I can see lots of adventures happened over the years with four growing boys. Donna

Anonymous said...

That is going to be a HUGE bonfire! Our fruit trees are espaliered and I love how they look.

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