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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Praise the Lord for He is good!!!

Last Friday my father was released form the hospital and sent to this very nice rehab center. On Saturday I went over there to visit him.
I was so very pleased to see him sitting upright in the bed when I walked in his room! He looks amazing! He has improved so much! Praise the Lord!
He actually was in the process of putting on his shoes!
He still has the weakness in his left hand, but he's so diligent and he's doing his own physical therapy in his room using this little hand press.
He had to really work hard at it, but he was able to do ten repetitions. Then he showed me how much easier it was for him to do this with his right hand.
I asked him if he was able to get up and around with the help of the walker and instead of telling me, he showed me! He did great! He's still very wobbly, but this is so great! Just two days ago they said he couldn't walk and now look at him! He actually was able to walk on his own right next to the bed with my watchful eye and he is able to walk alone, but it would not be safe yet, he's not very stable. But there is so much hope!!!!
His spirits are really good too! The depression has lifted off of him. I am so thankful!
While I was there my brother brought my mother over for a visit. She is doing so much better too. They were so cute sitting so close there together. They were very happy to see each other!
As I was driving home I saw this amazing rainbow!
It was not just a rainbow, but a HUGE rainbow and I could actually see where it started and where it ended! That's pretty rare to be able to see that! I feel like God gave that rainbow to me!
It reminded me of God's promise and that God is in control of everything.

"I have placed my rainbow in the clouds 
and it shall be a sign of My promise to the earth." 
Genesis 9:13 paraphrased

Thank you for praying for my parents. I know that God is healing them! Praise God for His faithfulness and His healing!

"Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and He brought them to their desired haven." Psalm 107:28-30

Hugs, Sharon


Molly's Art Designs said...

Awesome! I will continue to keep them in my prayers!Blessings-Molly

Judy said...

Oh Sharon, I am so happy to see your parents are doing well. What a beautiful rainbow and yes I do believe God gave you that beautiful rainbow.

jen said...

What a terrific father you have - he is working so hard to get better- what a wonderful role model.
I will continue to keep you all in my prayers for continued healing and strength during this tough time
Jen in Canada

elizabeth said...

This is great news!

Mardell said...

Tears came to my eyes! Thank you Lord. My prayers continue. The rainbow is the icing on the cake. Wow. :o)

as always starzie said...

Oh Sharon this is wonderful news! I will also keep your parents in my prayers! Take care.

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