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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting ready for our feast tonight!!!

 I'm getting ready for our St. Patrick's Day feast tonight!!! All our kids are coming over tonight and we are gong to have a fun Irish dinner!
 I looked through my cookbooks and decided to make Irish Stew this year. I found this recipe in the Southern Heritage Celebration's Cookbook. These cookbooks are so cute! There's a whole serious of them from the early 1980s and I'm trying to get all of them; so far I have 14 out of the 19 volume set. The Irish Beef Stew recipe looks like it will be pretty tasty, I sure hope so! I am having the kids bring the side dishes, Mackenzie and Brittany are bringing Irish Bread, Cameron and Megan are bringing a dessert and Grayson and Rachelle are bringing appetizers. I am going to see if Hayden will help me make Irish brussels sprouts. I told the kids that there are two rules for the things they are bringing, they either have to be authentic Irish recipes or they have to be green! haha!
Yesterday morning I decided to start figuring out all of the dishes for the place settings. Do any of you do this? I laid things out on the living room floor. It's just easier for me when I'm trying to pull it all together. I tried a solid green tablecloth with a yellow and green small square cloth over that and it didn't look right. I love this green plaid and think it will be perfect!
 I have a mix match of green dishes, but I think I can pull it off. I kind of panicked last week when I realized that I needed bowls since we were having stew! I went to Goodwill and found some pretty cute ones!
I was very pleased how the tablecloth looked on the dining room table.
I don't think I've every used a green tablecloth in there and I like the contrast with the burgundy and cream!
I put this all together yesterday before I went to town to meet my girlfriend, Shannon, for lunch and thrifting. I was hoping to find some kind of centerpiece. I pulled out this bunny and a green vase and candlesticks, which will work, but I was hoping to find something fun.
I dug out our St. Patrick's soundtrack!
 I decided to serve the stew in this pretty soup tureen that I have on display in the kitchen, but this creates a problem.... leaves a big hole on the shelf! I always wonder what people do about things like this.
 I just grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and called it good. It's only for one day!
I decided to pull out this beautiful silverware that I found at a Goodwill a couple of years ago for under $5.00! It's such a pretty pattern and I was thrilled when I found it for such a great deal (Click here to read that story) and then one of my readers saw my blog post about it and mailed me several more pieces, which was so generous and so very sweet! I had them displayed in a crystal pitcher and kind of forgot about them, but today I remembered to pull them out and use them! It looks like I will have to polish it up though first.
I usually try to use pretty fabric napkins, but I don't have any green napkins or fun St. Patty's napkins, so I decided to use these cute paper napkins. They will add to the festiveness of the table!
So.....I mentioned that I went thrifting yesterday in search for a fun Irish centerpiece and look what I found! Isn't he fantastic! He's a winking Irishman and he's perfect for our centerpiece! I couldn't believe it when Shannon found him and showed him to me. He's a little bit on the creepy side, but I like him!
Things are almost ready, I just need to make the stew after church this morning and wait for the kids to come!!!

Happy St. Patty's day to ya!!!!

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever!." I Chronicles 16:34

Hugs, Sharon
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Jan said...

Are you starting to think....your family is expanding quickly. It won't be long until there is a full house complete with high chairs! What a blessing!

Since you asked: no, I don't audition my table linens and place settings on the floor. With a 200+ pound dog in the house, a dish on the floor can only mean one thing: dinner for him!

Hope all is well, I put your parents on our prayer chain.

Jan in PA

Randi Jo :) said...

CONGRATS on the grandbaby news - that is awesome!!

I hear google reader is discontinuing - can you add a widget to your blog so I can suscribe via email and the blog will be sent to me when you update a new one? Most blogs have that now - hopefully it's easy for you to do. :) Otherwise, can somebody tell me a better reader since google reader is closing! :)

Mardell said...

How lovely! Everything looks wonderful! You're SOOO good at decorating and pulling it all together. How did the stew come out? What was dessert? Can't wait to hear all about it. :o)

Your creepy centerpiece made me laugh (in a twisted way! LOL)

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