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Friday, March 8, 2013

Earning his keep....

Now that football season is over, our college boy, Hayden, gets to come home about every other weekend. It has been so nice! Being a college kid, he usually needs money, so my husband puts him to work!
On this day my husband wanted to trim our trees on the side of our property.
It ended up being a pretty big job.
He hired Hayden to pick up all the trimmings and throw them in the truck.
Blondie was in the back of the truck and Hayden started putting in the brush.
These trees amaze me! They have gotten so big. One time about 16 years ago my husband took our boys to the Logging Conference at the fairgrounds and the boys each got little seedlings to plant. They were about 12 inches tall and now look at them! They're giants!
They worked hard all afternoon!
My husband is a very hard worker and I'm so thankful that he has taught our sons to be hard workers as well.
He has given all of our boys jobs like this. Of course, when they were young, they helped around our place because they were part of our family and they had to pitch in with the chores, but when they got older my husband thought it would be only fair to pay them for their hard work and time.
It was much appreciated by them and at the same time helped build a great work ethic in them.
Uh-oh...Blondie's getting trapped in there!
Haha...When Eric cut all the limbs back, it revealed this old secret passageway!
Our son, Grayson, and his buddy, Garrett, created this secret door to the fort in our backyard when they were in middle school. It's actually quite clever, they cut the fence boards, made the boards into a door, put hinges on it and rigged it up with a pulley system. Oh, the memories this brings back! I love it!
The truck is full and you can barely see Blondie now! She's so funny, she just waited in there patiently, just excited to be part of all the hustle and bustle with the guys. She looks like she's trapped, but one little whistle from my husband and a quiet little command, "Blondie, COME" she was out of there so fast!
Hayden put in a good day's work. He feels great and my husband feels great. It's a win/win situation! he has other things to do that college kids do when they come home! haha!

"All hard work brings a profit." Proverbs 14:23a

Hugs, Sharon


Randi Jo :) said...

I'm so glad your mommy is home. prayed for her and you. getting older can be so hard on all. praise Jesus for eternity we won't have to handle that at all!

i loved this post. i can't believe you planted those trees. they are GORGEOUS. we don't have any trees like that on the east coast near the beach here. beautiful! i loved the trap door and the work effort thoughts, too. you all are such a special family. love yall without even knowing u! :) happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love your stories Sharon , amazing trees . Dear little Miss Blondie she just loves to be involved. Donna

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