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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Memory Lane...

 My brother, Wade, is staying with my parents for a while and he decided to help my Dad clean out the garage. At the same time, we have learned that our mother's health has declined a bit and she's lost a lot of weight. My sister, Kathi, and I decided to go over there and help create a menu and grocery list for them. Our other sister, Kelli, was going to take my Dad grocery shopping the next and we thought this would help a great deal. Anyway, when Kathi and I went over there, they were working on the garage and it was really fun going down Memory Lane with my Daddy.
The garage wasn't in real bad shape, but there were several boxes of things that needed to be sorted through. My Daddy had a stroke in March of 2007 and we praise the Lord every day that he made such an amazing recovery. Unfortunately though, because of the stroke, things around the house got a little behind, so he is grateful that Wade is helping him clean it all up.
My Daddy is 83 years old and will be turning 84 at the end of May. He's such a sweet and gentle man. I love him dearly.
He was so diligent as he sat there working, going through all of his old things and rediscovering long lost treasures.
We found this old cool knob and I asked him what it was from. He told me he got it from my Grandpa Jackson's workbench after he had passed away (Grandpa Jackson is my mother's father).  He went on to say that Grandpa Jackson used to be an appliance repairman, so he's guessing this came off of some big industrial oven. What's strange is that the options on it are "Oven" or "Water" which makes me nervous thinking that both water and electricity were going through this machine!
Here he is dusting off one of his old license plates from his collection.
He has a neat collection of very, very old license plates and he's giving one to each of his grandchildren!
He said, "This one is from 1929, the year I was born!"
Daddy's garage is full of antiques and memorabilia of his life. He grew up in a small mill town called Wendling that has long since been abandoned and demolished. He was one of 9 kids and they were dirt poor and lived much like family on the Walton's. Not much money, but lots of love!
His old toolbox is full of tools that he did so many projects with love. It is so sweet and touching that he has a picture of his bride taped to the back of the cabinet.
We unearthed this wonderful old treasure from our childhood and it brought back so many good memories. My Grandpa Jackson made it and it's a push button dice roller! You plug it in and it randomly chooses a number. Grandpa Jackson was an inventor and he had all kinds of cool gadgets like this.
I found a little box full of wonderful treasures. I found so many neat old things inside including this cute little fuzzy google-eye critter that he got at the Logging Conference that he took my two older boys, Mackenzie and Cameron too back in 1991. It's so precious to me that he saved it all these years.
My Dad has a great sense of humor and here's proof! He drew this little cartoon while sitting in church many years ago. It's so funny!
I also found several watches including this wonderful old pocket watch. 
It was the watch Daddy used to carry around all the time for many years. He marked it on the back that he got it September 11, 1965. 
This is a neat old piece that he thinks was his mother's. It's all broken now, but it's still beautiful. She was a schoolteacher in the early 1900s and I can just imagine her with this pinned to the front of her dress. 
Even the back is gorgeous. They sure don't make things like they used to.
I found three old gold watches, two were watches that he wore and one was our Grandpa Jackson's. I asked Daddy if each of us girls could have one and he said yes. I love mine! This is one that my father wore to church and dress occasions when I was a little girl!
Here's my sister, Kathi, and I posing with our Daddy wearing our new watches!
Later that day, my son, Grayson, popped over to bring my father some wood for the wood stove and also to get some things my Dad wanted to give him. I wish I got a picture of them looking at the camera, but I forgot. My boys all love their grandpa so much!
Later my sister and I helped plan our parent's menus.
This ended up being a fun project. We reminisced with our parents about some of our favor foods that our Mom used to always cook. We planned a lot of frozen and canned foods because my mother doesn't really cook anymore. Us girls are going to take meals over there once a month to help supplement.
My brother worked hard all week and got the garage all clean and organized. It looks so nice and has made our father very pleased. The next week, my son, Hayden, came home from college and he wanted to go visit his grandparents.
It was so cute to see him fiddling around on grandpa's workbench.
Grandpa has so many interesting items to show and stories to tell!
Hayden enjoyed looking at all of his grandpa's neat antiques that are hanging on the wall behind the wood stove. There's an interesting story behind everything!
Grammie came out to see what's going on. I love this hug!
So precious!
We had a wonderful visit over there.
On the way home Hayden and I stopped in the nursing home to visit my mother-in-law, Alice. Boy was she happily surprised when we walked in!
So sweet!!!
We told her the good news about Mackenzie and Brittany having a baby! She's going to be a great-grandmother! We called Brittany and Alice talked to her.
Hayden and his Grandma Alice.

It has been so nice to spend so much time with all the grandparents lately. They are true treasures that we will always love and value!

"Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck." Proverbs 1:8-9

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

I really enjoyed this post Sharon. It made me think of my parents and how they are getting older and I live 3 1/2 hours away from them. I'm sorry to hear your mother's health has declined. Your children have a special bond with their grandparents, much like mine do :)

Molly's Art Designs said...

What a sweet post! That is so great that you were able to help out with a menu and easy to prepare meals!

as always starzie said...

It's wonderful you had the opportunity to spend time with your sweet Daddy going down memory lane! You are so fortunate to have such kind, loving parents! God Bless them!
Thank you Sharon for your prayers! I appreciate it so very much.

Mardell said...

What a sweet post, Sharon. :o)
How far away do your parent's live from you?

I'm sorry too, to hear about your mom's declining health. She's such a sweet little lady. Love the pic of her hugging Grayson.

The pic that your Daddy drew in church CRACKED me up! Yes, he's very talented. I remember a post you did awhile back of the things he's carved for you.

The old license plates are really neat.

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