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Monday, February 18, 2013


In November I joined a Bunko group! It's a wonderful group of ladies from town who have been playing this fun dice game for many years now. I actually used to play with them about 15 years ago, but I quit because my life was getting so hectic with our four sons. They had an opening for a new player and asked me if I wanted to join. The timing was perfect; we had just become empty nesters a few months before and I was ready for a new activity.
Every month a different team member hosts it at her house and this month was my turn! Since February is the month of Love, I decided to have a Valentine's Day theme. I laid out all my cute Valentine's mugs and used my new adorable red and white polka dot dishes!
I also served iced tea in my ruby red goblets.
All the supplies are ready!
We need three tables, so we used the dining room table and I set up two card tables, this one in the living room and another one in the family room.
Love the heart designed tablecloth!
Bunko is such a fun game, it's super easy, so you can talk and play at the same time! I don't want to get into the instructions, but if you haven't played and are interested, I highly recommend it and I'm sure you can find the instructions on line. The hostess provides beverages and a snack and each lady brings goodies as well. There are 12 women who play and we each pay $5.00 a month to play. The hostess takes the money and buys prizes with it.
For my prizes, I bought Valentine's Day decorations and I cleverly used them in my house, so they didn't even realize they were the prizes! This is the first place prize for the most Bunkos; a pretty wreath hung behind our front door.
This cute wooden and fabric wreath is the prize for the most wins.
This cute dried flower wreath is for the most losses.
For the "Half and half" prize (they won half the rounds and lost half the rounds), I bought these cute wooden hanging hearts.
The last prize is called a "roll-off" and this is where all the women who did not win a prize get to roll the dice and the highest number wins. I bought these two cute heart-covered red mugs for the roll-off prize. I added one more roll-off prize which was my son and his wife's CD.
We played all the rounds and tallied up the scores at the end of the evening and.....
...guess what???? I had a HOT night and I got 5 Bunkos which is pretty crazy! I won the most Bunko's award and got to keep this lovely wreath!!! The girls all jokingly accused me of cheating since I won at my own house! Haha! We had a great night and I'm so happy that I joined this fun group of amazing women!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." I Thessalonians 5:11

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

You go girl!! Not only did you host a fun event, but you won a great prize!!! I've heard of this game ~ never was sure what it was about. Obviously fun!

You're the queen of parties and always the Hostess with the Mostest!

Judy said...

I have heard of Bunko but have never played or even know how to play it. It looks fun and you have some really nice gifts. I love how everyone seemed to have gotten a prize, how fun!

Rose of Sharon said...

Judy and Mardell, if you ever get invited to join a group, you should, it's really fun. Or if you have 12 friends, start your own, it's a hoot. It's basically just an excuse to get with your girlfriends once a month to talk, eat and laugh!

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