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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thrifty Christmas finds!

I admit it, I'm a thrift store junkie! I love to go year round, but I especially love going at Christmastime.
They always have huge areas of Christmas stuff and it's so much fun to dig through. This year our thrift stores around here had all Christmas stuff 50% off the week before Christmas, so I was able to find lots of goodies at great prices! Here are a few of my new favorite finds this year.
I could not believe it when I found this vintage sequin encrusted homemade stocking with matching ornaments. I found them in different areas of the store, but slowly as I dug through bins and boxes, I found all of these pieces.
I cannot believe how much hard work and detail went into this stocking.
Every single sequin has been sewn on with a bead in the center.
It must have taken the artist hours and hours to make this single stocking.
I am certain that these ornaments were made by the same woman.
They all have sequins and have a brass bell hanging on them.
Isn't this snowman cute!
I love this cheerful Santa.
She even finished the back with great detail. Amazing!
These Santa boots are adorable.
Upon close inspection you realize just how much work that went into them. She pushed a straight pin through the center of a sequin and placed them over the entire boot. Unbelievable!
It was so sad to see all of her hard work made with love has been thrown into a large bin full of other Christmas discards in the middle of a thrift store.
But I rescued them!
They are now proudly on display once more.
They are in a home where they are loved and appreciated once again!
Another great find that I found was this darling little family of old-time carolers.
I found the father...
...big sister and...
...little brother.
They were only marked $1.99 each, but they were 50% off, so I only paid four bucks for the set of them.
They look like they are carved wood, but they are made of a different material. The detail is amazing and they are finely made. I wondered if these are special and could be collectible.
I looked at the bottom and saw "House of Hatten" 1991. I remember this name from back when I used to work in a Department store and House of Hatten was a good company.
I looked it up on Ebay and learned that they are indeed very collectible and actually are quite rare! They were designed by Denise Calla. Mine are 8" ot 12" tall and I found a shorter mama figurine that went for 24.95 on EBay. Other taller figurines of other Christmasy things made by the same company were going for $49.99, $71.25 and even up to $102.50 each!
I love my little family and I'm so excited that they are so special and collectible too!
I also found these darling little children carolers.
I love their sweet little faces.
They were only $2.99 to start with but then 50% off, so I paid $2.99 for the set!
They are so sweet. I bought them thinking I'd put them out on the front porch.
But I placed them here in the kitchen I like how they look here, so I think this is where I'll keep them.
I was soooo excited when I found this tin! Well, at first I wasn't sure what it was....
...until i opened it and realized it was a beautiful set of tin plates!
They are reproduction tin plates from a time gone by and they are so nicely individually wrapped in these neat woven bags.
They are made with such detail.
Look at that beautiful border.
There are four different patterns...the christmas tree...
...a cozy fireplace scene....
...a peaceful church scene....
...and a fun sleigh-ride scene.
They are made by Restoration Hardware and the original price on the tin was $19.99. The Goodwill price was $6.99, but it was 50% off, so I just paid $3.50 for the set! Score!!!
This was probably my biggest thrill that I found, a set of four beautiful Christmas plates.
They are called Christmas Eve by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons exclusively for Williams-Sonoma.
I love the pattern! I found them on the internet starting at $26.99 each and going up to even $36.00 each! Wow! But you know I would never pay that much for them, can you guess how much I paid for them? They were marked .99 cents each and 50% off, so only .49 cents each, so $1.96 for all four of them!!! That's a savings of at least $100.00 if I bought them full price! Woot-woo!!!!
The details are amazing! A beautiful Christmas tree next to a....
....roaring cozy fire....
...with beautiful gifts under the tree...
Look how cute they look on top of the tin plates, using the tin plates as chargers.
Love the mix of patterns.
These are so cute! I can't wait to use them next year!
I was really happy when I realized that the china dishes fit perfectly inside the tin plate canister! Perfecto!!!
The last thrift store goodie that I want to share are these darling vintage angel ornaments.
I got all six of them for $1.99. Bummer, these were before the sale, so I had to pay the full price of $1.99! haha! Their dresses are made of soft white feathers.
They have such cute little painted spun cotton faces.
Love her little heart-shaped lips.
They are just super sweet.
They look so beautiful on our tree.
I love thrifting at Christmas time!

"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands." Psalm 103:2-6

Hugs, Sharon


Cottonwood Tales said...

Oh my - you scored some great treasures and deals - unbelievable prices ! I love love the carolers.

My DIL and I love to "junk". It is so much fun!

Karen in Texas

Anonymous said...

Major scores all around Sharon . We have a thrift store here that has a christmas room year round. Love your plates and the handmade ornaments. Donna

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Oh my goodness, you really hit the jackpot! You have such a great eye for finding treasures. You're right, alot of work went into that stocking and ornaments. Such a shame that it would be tossed in a big bin at a thrift. However you did rescue it & perhaps a lovely lady from heaven is smiling down on you now. Love the dishes & angels, too. I'm ALL for anything vintage. Our thrifts haven't been so hot lately. Lots of cheap stuff. Nothing that would make you stop & say, "I HAVE to have that!"

Hope you have a great week. We're freezing here in NY. It's only 12°today. Eeek!


Judy said...

I have to say, you have the best Goodwill store ever! Those tin plates are wonderful as well as all your other finds!

Sue said...

You have the neatest thrift stores in your area. Love all your finds.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar stocking I found at GW some yrs ago. WOW you have such a wonderful GW store!!! I have 4 I go to and none of them had hardly any christmas. A thrift store had a few Lefton pieces. But when I went the other day there was a ton of Christmas!!! not half off. I got a Lefton santa boot. You have some great finds here- love them all. Plates are unreal.

A Romantic Porch said...

Sharon, My sister made that exact stocking for my niece for her first Christmas stocking years ago. I always thought it was so pretty also.
xo rachel

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