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Friday, January 18, 2013

Our annual Christmas party...

This is our 9th year of having our annual Christmas party for our friends from our little town. Both Eric and I start getting obsessive when we host a party, so I liked it that this year we started our day with a devotion and prayer. Then we got to work and dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed, washed, mowed, etc. to the house! hah! Actually, I took an extra day off this week to prepare for our party, so we didn't have a whole lot left to do, but we did have plenty!
Our guests started arriving at 7:30 pm
You can't tell very well from the picture, but I had luminaries lit up all the way up our path. I simply put votives under old cheese graters. They look so cute!
I love our light up nativity scene. This is the true meaning of Christmas!
I wanted our home to look all lit up, fun and festive for our guests.
These two light up tin soldiers are new finds this year. Aren't they cute!
My new chalkboard that I made last fall.
More festive candles!
The inside of the house was all decked out. One of my favorite things that we do is put floating candles in the bathtub in the main powder room.
I have a little coffee bar all ready to go.
Because our house is so small we have the beverages out in the garage. I used some vintage tablecloths to cheer up the place! haha!
We're all ready, just waiting for our guests to arrive!
I just wanted to show you a close up of my outfit this year. I wore really cute black skinny jeans with a raised pattern on them and a slinky black top. I found some beautiful silver, gold and diamond jewelry. The big showstopper though were my super cute and super tall boots! If you click on the photo you might see them better. The heels are about 5 inches tall! They actually were really comfortable though because there is a platform at the toe.
We had a houseful!!! Or should I say a garage full! haha!
All the girls get so dolled up! I love it!
My friend Nicole bought the same pants as me! :0)
For the food, I provided shrimp and a cheese platter and some other munchies and asked each couple to bring a tray of appetizers. This always works out so beautifully. They always bring such lovely dishes.
These stuffed mushrooms were to die for!
Yummy jalapeno and bacon wrapped around jumbo shrimp and then smoked!
Several ladies also brought dessert trays!
I love these darling little Santa hats made of brownies, sweetened cream cheese and strawberries! They were delicious and they are so cute!
The food could not have been better!
Cameron and Megan enjoying themselves.
Garage girls! haha!
This tree was empty when we started the evening and now look at it! It's time for the white elephant gift exchange!
Don't be fooled by the pretty wrapping...there are plenty of stinkers in there! haha!
Everyone gathered into the living room...
...or should I say everyone squeezed into the living room! We need a bigger house!
Eric gave his traditional speech about the blessing of friendship and living in a small town. I was so bummed when I saw that this picture turned out blurry. :0(
Okay, lets start this thing!
I'm not sure what she got, but it must have been really good based on everyone's reactions! haha!
I got Skinny Girl margarita mix, but alas, it was stolen from me.
What's in Eric's gift?
Haha...not sure, but it looks like it must be pretty funny!
I'm asking, "Why does everyone keep stealing my gifts?" And they did steal them, I had four things stolen from me! haha We were having such a great time!
Oh my goodness, how time flies when you are having fun! The last people left at 3:22 am! What a night!
Oh my goodness... kitchen is a wreck...
...the dinning room is a wreck...
...the living room is a wreck. Why do we keep doing this every year you might ask?
This is why. I found this card the next morning... was from our friends, Chris and Nicole. It reads,

"Eric & Sharon, We cannot express enough how much your gracious hospitality has meant over the years. You have a magic touch when it comes to the holidays. We feel blessed to call you our friends. Love Chris & Nicole"

I was so touched when I read this. It is all about the friendship. We have gone through a lot with this group of people with our kids growing up, our parents growing old and our lives constantly changing and it is so neat to have been friends for so many years.

In the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" Clarence the Angel inscribed George's book with these wise words:

"Remember, no man is a failure who has friends."

We are truly blessed by our friends!

Besides, it was just surface cleaning and we got it all picked up in a couple of hours. It was so worth it!

"Love one another with brotherly affection." Romans 12:10

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Love it- thanks for sharing. There is such detail, you all go all out for your friends. Love the green lefton plate and creamer. I have the sugar match and others by lefton.

A Romantic Porch said...

Wow! it does look like you had a very fun and special Christmas. Thank you for sharing the joy!
xo rachel

Anonymous said...

a good time was had by all , looks like such a fun party too. All the food looks fantastic , yummy! Thanks for sharing all the fun. Donna

Janet Manfred said...

Yay! I'll admit now, I was kinda bummed, I thought you weren't going to share your Christmas party this year.

I look forward to it, it's the next best thing to being there!

God bless,

Judy said...

I too always enjoy your the parties you host. Thanks for sharing so much of your life.

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