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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas morn....

Good morning! It's Christmas day!!!
I've got my Santa slippers on and my cup of coffee!
The stockings are all full and it's time to start Christmas! Come with me to wake up the kids.
Time to wake up Mackenzie and Brittany!
I carried these jingle bells around to help wake them up. Up and at'em Hayden!
Time to wake up Grayson, it's Christmas morning!!!
Haha...Cameron was already awake, but was acting like he was asleep.
Awe...she's sleeping like a princess. Time to wake up your highness, time for Christmas to start!!! Some how I think she was acting as well.
Haha, these guys came out of their room wearing these super hero socks. Thank goodness they are here to fight crime for us! haha!
Cameron and Megan are sleepyheads, he's brushing his teeth.
Grayson's coming down with one more gift for someone.
Our newest coffee drinker pouring a cup. It looks like Mackenzie's showing him how! haha
Grayson was making the fire and went out to the garage to get the blow torch to start it! Haha, can you say redneck? hee hee
When he got back look who was in the fireplace.....Mr. MacGyver! How funny! Cat's are so funny!
We took pictures of everyone before we started opening gifts. I love this picture of me and my Santa Baby!
Mackenzie took a bunch of pictures in black and white, I like this one of us too.
Mackenzie and Brittany in color...
Mackenzie and Brittany in black and white. I like both photos very much, but the black and white seems a little more artistic. They are such a cute couple.
Cameron and Megan in color....
Cameron and Megan in black and white. What a sweet couple they are!
My four boys. My pride and joy. I love it that they are all in matching jammies, they all have slippers on and they all have Christmas coffee mugs. What a bunch of handsome guys!
Time to open the stockings!
Grayson's delivering them everyone.
Everyone's digging into their stockings.
It's so fun getting all these little gifts!
My Bi-Mart "stocking" from Eric that's not in a stocking. haha
Me in black and white.
Eric bought the kids a bunch of lottery tickets for their stockings.
It was so funny because for about five minutes it was really quiet ....
....and everyone had their heads down scratching their tickets.
We had a couple of winners!
Time to open the gifts! The boys are playing Santa and delivering all the presents.
One thing led to another and all the sudden we had a present tower contest going on! haha!
It was so funny!
I think Brittany's tower won!
Our tradition is that the oldest person starts opening the gifts from the youngest person.
So Eric starts by opening the gift that Hayden gave. Then I open the gift that Hayden gave and on down the line.
Then Eric opens the gift bought by Grayson, then I open the gift given by Grayson and on down the line and we end with the kids opening the gifts from us.
I got this lovely red sweater from Mackenzie and Brittany.
I love it that we all watch every person open each gift.
Mackenzie got a nice camera strap from Eric and I.
We gave Brittany a set of Fiestaware dishes.
This was a joke present. We bought Cameron a new desk lamp and we wrapped the light bulbs separately, which just happened to be the first thing he opened. The next gift he opened was a pair of his Dad's old river shoes! haha! Actually, there was cash inside one of the shoes for Cameron to buy a new pair of running shoes that he wanted.
He also got a nice new keyboard that he wanted.
We gave Megan this cute little pedestal dish with a dome lid.
They were holding hands a lot throughout Christmas! So cute!
Grayson looking closely at one of his gifts.
The kids were all so generous with us and with each other.
Hayden got a new XBox controller and a game.
Our living room was trashed! We had such a great time though. This year's opening of Christmas took about two hours! I loved every minute of it. I'm so thankful for our family!

"And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." 
~Luke 2:10-11

Hugs, Sharon

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gin said...

A wonderful Christmas morning!! We all draw names at thanksgiving, and then spend 4 weeks figuring out who got who. On Christmas Day we open gifts one at a time also. Then we give out the Santa gifts and stockings (from us of course). With 2 new babies this year, we had even more memories.

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