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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas day...

After we opened gifts the girls and I got busy making breakfast. We all put on our new Christmas aprons!
Oh how I love these girls!!!
My husband traditionally makes the Christmas breakfast, but today he was preparing a prime-rib he was going to smoke for our Christmas dinner. So we made the breakfast.
I was so happy to have Brittany and Megan to help me.
We had lots of fun cooking together. I can't wait until there are two more girls with us when Grayson and Hayden find their special girls!
I set the table with our "Holiday Ribbon" dishes.
We had our traditional french toast, bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Love, love, love these people!!!
We had a great meal together. It was so late at this point though, it was after 12 noon! After breakfast the boys did the dishes, we all cleaned up the living room and the girls and I went and took our showers. I wish I would have gotten pictures of the girls in the bathroom doing their hair and make-up. It was so much fun for me to smell the girly scents of perfumes, lotions and hair products! All these years with my four boys and husband, I've only smelled the manly scents of spice, sports clean and musk! After we got ready the girls and I made au-gratin potatoes, broccoli/grape salad and dinner rolls and set the table for our big Christmas dinner.
Eric's parents arrived at about 3:00 for our meal. They look really great!
Alice loves kitties.
Here's a neat picture of Brittany holding MacGyver in B&W.
Hayden hanging out visiting with the family.
So handsome!
Eric's parents watching him carve the meat.
Time to eat!
What a delicious meal we had. The prime-rib was fantastic!
We barely fit around the table. It was a tight squeeze, but intimate! We need a bigger dining room! :0)
Blondie's wearing her new tie she got for Christmas from Mackenzie and Brittany.
Time to exchange gifts with Grandma and Grandpa.
Listening to them tell us stories. I love this part of family gatherings!
Such sweet people. They have been so very good to me all of these years and wonderful to my husband and our boys. They have been such supportive and loving grandparents to my kids and have showed me a great example of how I want to be as a grandparent and mother-in-law.
Our family portrait taken by my son, Mackenzie. I love this picture! We are so very blessed.

We had a wonderful Christmas season. I hope you did too!

"Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins." Acts 5:31

Hugs, Sharon


Molly's Art Designs said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your Christmas celebrations! We don't have much family around here anymore, so I miss these traditions! Thank you for sharing! This gives me many ideas for one day when my daughters meet their special guys!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing your family and your holiday in words and pictures. I have enjoyed reading and seeing your cherished time together.

Judy said...

Sharon, I so enjoy your blog posts. The aprons you gave the girls are so darling.

Jan said...

I love that last photo,the one of the whole family. After reading your blog for so long, I feel like part of your family so it was wonderful to see Eric's parents looking so well.

Thanks again, for sharing with us!

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