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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A new fun hobby for hubby....

Last year on Father's Day, our four sons pooled their money and bought my husband everything he needed to start making home brewed beer. This was one of the best gifts they every gave him because not only is a fun hobby and he does enjoy beer, it brought my four sons and their father closer together. 
The first step is to sanitize all of the equipment. Then he warms the yeast.
Here he is checking the temperature.
When the temperature gets to 160 degrees, he added the beer mix they purchased with the hops and other grains, and throughly mixed it in. He kept it at 160 degrees for an hour.
After an hour they put the pan in ice to cool a bit.
Then they strained it.
Transferring it to a  carboy.
It's still pretty hot.
They are mashing it down to get all of the flavor.
The color is perfect!
They capped it with this unique contraption called an airlock. The beer needs to ferment now.
It needed to be stored in a dark place at room temperature. They put it in a box, in a tub in the dining room with a towel on top.
It was interesting to watch. This little mechanism was constantly making a little bubble sound as the gasses were coming out.
I'm so glad we had it in a bucket because the gasses built up so much, it overflowed!
After about two weeks, the beer was done! Now it's time to bottle it.
They had dozens of sterilized bottles.
The siphoned the beer into a bucket.
The bucket had a spigot.
Then they started filling the bottles.
This was a fun project for all of them.
The next step was to put the caps on the bottles.
They used this tool called a bottle capper. It works pretty slick!

It's all done! Now the bottles need to be stored in a cool dark place for 3-4 weeks.
It's ready! This is the first time they tasted Eric and Son's Home Brew!
Cheers guys!
The verdict?
They're pretty proud that they made it!
They had fun discussions on the taste and body of their beer and were making plans for the next batch.
They switched things up the next time and we moved the fermentation process into the office.
They decided to use this larger system rather than the small airlock.
It's been really fun serving the beer to our guests.
It was fun tasting all the different types they made.
Grandpa Jim likes it.
And so does Grandma Alice.
It's been fun to see my husband get so interested in this new hobby.
Here he is labeling them.
Now the office closet is a makeshift beer cellar! They have made all kinds of different recipes and flavors and even made root-beer for Hayden to enjoy since he's under 21.
A crazy thing happened though. One day we were in the family room and heard bang, bang, bang and the sound of breaking glass. It almost sounded like there was drive-by shooting! We ran into the office and saw that several of the beer bottles had exploded. Upon closer inspection we realized it was the root-beer that exploded. Crazy stuff! This was a horrible mess to clean up, but we got it all back to normal.
At least the root-beer tasted really good!
Hayden really enjoyed it!
I think this father's day gift that the boys gave their Dad was the best thing ever. It's a great new hobby for him and they all had so much fun making beer.
Eric and Son's Home Brew is a hit!

"Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for God has already approved what you do." Ecclesiastes 9:7

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