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Monday, January 21, 2013

A great candy recipe...

I wanted to share with  you this great candy recipe that my friend from work (Mary) gave me. It's super good and it's super easy!
It's called chocolate toffee and it's made with saltine crackers!
First you lay out saltine crackers on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Make sure they are all touching.
Then take a cup of butter...
...and melt it down.
You need 1/2 cup of sugar (or more) and.....
....pour it into the melted butter.
Let butter/sugar mix boil on medium heat for 3 minutes stirring constantly.
Pour over the laid out crackers.
Try to drizzle it evenly on all of the crackers.
Spread butter mixture completely over the crackers so that each cracker is coated.
Place cracker tray in 325F oven.
Bake for 10 minutes.
They look a little caramelized when they are done.
Take 1-1/2 cups of chocolate chips...
...and pour over the top of the crackers.
Put back in warm oven and watch closely. The oven should be off and maybe even have the door open. Watch closely.
When chocolate is melted spread evenly over the crackers with a spatula.
Let cool. When chocolate is completely hard break into nice sized pieces.
That looks wonderful!
It tastes like Almond Roca and you can't even tell that the base is made of saltine crackers!
It looks so pretty on a tray!
It looks and tastes like you spent hours on it.
I laid them on crystal dishes that I found at a thrift store and wrapped it up along with the other candies we made this year.
These made lovely gifts for our neighbors and the girls in the office. You should try it!

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him." Psalm 34:8

Hugs, Sharon


Sue said...

My kind of recipe, Sharon,easy and looks delicious. I like sweet and salty!!
Enjoyed all of yourChristmas posts. you have a wonderful family and it is really growing so nicely, just wait until you have grandkids!


Judy said...

Yummy! This looks so easy and delicious!

Jan said...

I'm definetly going to try this one, looks easy and of course, anything covered in melted chocolate can't be bad, right?

Anonymous said...

Have made this for years. Got it from Paula Dean. she calls it Pine Bark or Cracker Candy - hers is a little different.
35 saltine crackers

In sauce pan put 1 cup butter,1 cup packed light brown sugar and boil for 2-3 min. stir constantly. remove from heat and stir in 1/2 tsp almond extract. Pour over crackers. Bake 400 for 4-6 min. remove top with chocolate chips or milk choc bars broken up. I find the chips are cheaper to use and do well. you can put any kind and add things like nuts or cranberries too.

Anonymous said...

Here is another recipe
Mocked Toffee Squares

Line cookie sheet with whole Graham Crackers. Cook 2 sticks of butter adn 1 cup packed brown sugar and 1 1/2 cups pecans chopped. after it boils pour over the crackers.

Bake 350 for 10 min and let cook.

Anonymous said...

they look very delicious ! I think I have to taste them ! I will try to find something here like your american crackers.... I understood that they are salted ? aren't they ?
Hugs from France
Sophie Lorent

Anonymous said...

These look absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to make them next Christmas.

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