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It basically is my online diary/photo album of our life.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

4th of July decorations!

It's that time again! Independence Day is just around the corner. I love celebrating with the rest of America this very special day for America! Today I wanted to share our 4th of July decorations for this year.
The house is all covered in red, white and blue!
It looks great with our red door!
I was so thrilled when I found these half-circle flags at our local variety store. They are not the best quality, but they have the look I want and have been wanting for several years now! I'm so excited!!
I love the 4th of July!
Here's a fresh little red pot filled with white and blue flowers. Note the little lady bug next to the pot, I found that at a thrift store. It's so darling and it's homemade by a child!
Our pretty red front door!
I found this cute USA sign at the Dollar Store.
Cute combination with our vintage mail box.
I pushed the "Easy Button" for this one, I simply tucked two mini flags into my red, white and blue berry wreath.
I simply placed a flag blanket on the wicker setee and tucked flags into the flower pots.
I love how patriotic it all turned out!
I can't believe what a difference it makes to simply placing small flags into the flower pots! It just perks them up and makes them look so proud to be American!
This flag-inspired bird house plaque is a new thrift store find.
So that's it for the front porch, lets head inside!
I made this little display for the entry way table. I just grouped together some fun patriotic items and placed them on a star-bordered plate.
This is the half-circle flag that I had on my front porch before I found the three new ones. It is better quality and wasn't cheap, so at the time I purchased it, I just bought one. I quickly regretted it and went back to the store to buy two more and there were no more left. For several years after that I was constantly on the hunt for two more and never found any. That is why I was so excited to find my new ones. Even though they are not as good of quality as this one, they give our home that patriotic look that I wanted! So, I had this one extra to use and I hung it on the mantle. I love how it looks here!
More flags tucked into a vase of flowers hat my girlfriend Shannon gave me.
Here's a quick and simple idea, which I have showed you before. I have done this many times with other holidays. This is an old cardboard cut out that was meant to go on the walls at a grade school. I found a whole box full of these from all the different holidays at a thrift store. They used to belong to a teacher and they all date back to the 50s and 60s.  All I did was hot glue a piece of ribbon on it and it becomes this wonderful, fun banner type of wall hanging!
Here's a little fun display that's in our laundry room.
I love that paper heart-flag hanging on my pantry door.
This is my display on the top of our book shelf in the kitchen.
Love this little sign!
Another patriotic display in the kitchen window.
This big candle is a new find this year. It looks really awesome when lit; it gives off a pretty glow. They were made i n1976 for the Bicentennial and I remember them. I'm pretty sure we had one at our house or at one of my friend's house.
I added a star-covered plate to my tiered cake dome rack and hung cute Dollar Tree towels on the oven door.
Here's another fun and easy way to look festive for Independence Day. I laid out three star-shaped dishes and filled them with patriotic wrapped tootsie rolls. Easy peasy!!!
Oh, and I must show you my 4th of July coffee mug collection!
I pull these out about two weeks before the holiday for all of us to use. This one is my favorite.
In this corner of the kitchen I have my two little liberty elves.
So sweet!
I love their precious faces and expressions!
Another Dollar Tree sign.
I purchased this quilt in a basket full of goodies at one of the auctions we went to. I had it tucked away and forgot about it until this year and I pulled it out thinking that it would be perfect for the 4th of July! It sure perks up our dark leather couch!
Above it I have my patriotic rag swag hanging.
I found this tray this year at a garage sale. I love the Eagle! He's so majestic!
Here's a little vignette in the powder room.
So that's it for the inside of the house, let's go out on the back deck. I found these two cute little stars and striped buckets at Goodwill and put red pilar candles in them.
Basically all I did back here weas put small flags in all the flower pots.
I love this birdhouse! It actually sits here year round.
Here's one of my inside decorations that got "demoted" to the backyard! haha! When I tire of things on the inside of my house, I try to use them outside if I can.
I hung this cute wreath over the mirror on the back porch. I like how it looks.
Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed my 4th of July decorations. I would like to wish all of you a very happy 4th of July and hope that you get to enjoy it with those that you love!

May God bless America!

"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty." II Corinthians 3:17

Hugs, Sharon

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cameron's birthday at the cabin!

We celebrated Cameron's 26th birthday at the cabin! His birthday was really a few days away, but we decided to celebrate it while we were all together at the cabin.
He requested sausage vegetable stir-fry pasta! This is such a delicious recipe that I got from a good friend. First you stir-fry an assortment of veggies such as red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, onion, zucchini, etc. in olive oil.
Then you brown breakfast sausage and make bow-tie pasta.
Then you mix it all together and add chopped tomatoes and cilantro and sprinkle it with parmesan cheese.
We also made quick and easy garlic bread sticks. I bought bake and serve breadsticks, sprayed them with olive oil and sprinkled parmesan cheese and garlic salt on top. They taste pretty close to the ones they serve at Olive Garden!
First we had appetizers outside by the fire.
I also served Top Ramen/cabbage salad.
We had a delicious dinner!
Happy birthday Cameron! I love you and am so very proud of you! You have blessed our family beyond words!!!
I brought the special plate for him to eat on!
Instead of a birthday cake for dessert, Cameron requested chocolate fondue with.....
.....chopped up bananas, pineapple, strawberries and also.....
.....sugar cookie dough (which I rolled into balls) and Lorna Doone cookies to dip in it. We also tried marshmallows.
Make a wish!
Cameron took the first dip!
It was so much fun and so delicious! We all loved it! We were all so giddy and funny while partaking, I think we all had sugar rushes! haha! What a fun memory I have of this moment!
Hayden deep in conversation.
Time to open gifts! Hayden gave Cameron a homemade card along with...
....a twenty dollar bill!
Grandma and Grandpa gave him another nice card with some cash.
What's this?
It's a box of candy and from the look on his face, he doesn't like it.  haha! My kids are always so funny! I think he was just so full of sugar from the fondue that the thought of more sugar was not a good one!
We have a set budget that we set for birthdays for all the kids. Cameron asked for cash rather than a gift this year to buy something special he was saving for, so that's what we did. I just hate only giving money; it feels weird to not have them open something, so threw in a bunch of candy. Also, another tradition that we have is that they always get a Goodwill present on top of their regular stuff. This year I found him a wonderful set of camping dishes made of tin, which he loved!
He's pretty happy! He's putting all the money together to get a tattoo that he has planned, designed and thought about for many years.
After the birthday celebration, we all went out on the back deck to relax.
The boys got out the BB gun and started doing a little target practicing.
Now Hayden's turn.
Mackenzie's throwing a marshmallow in the water for Hayden to try and shoot.
Go for it Hayden!
It looks like he got it!
Now Cameron's turn.
Now Grayson's!
Guess who's giving it a try now?
Yup! Grandma Alice!
She loved it and she was so cute!!! Grayson took this picture with his phone and posted it on Facebook with this caption "My amazing Grandma in BEAST MODE!" haha!
It was getting late and Grandma and Grandpa needed to get on the road. I love how my husband and my sons help Grandma so lovingly.
We had a great time with them. I love them both so much!
Many good memories were made and it meant so much to Alice to be able to come up and spend time with us. I'm especially glad we did this since she's been in the nursing home.
The next morning we got up and had a big family breakfast together.
I made a delicious ham, egg and cheese casserole served with fruit and muffins.
After that everyone pitched in with the dishes and then we quickly went into the packing up and cleaning up mode. Our time at the cabin was over.
Oh what a blessed time we had together at this little place. I hope we can come back next year!

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.  Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love." I John 4:7-8
Hugs, Sharon
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