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Thursday, December 13, 2012

What a fun way to start the season!!!

 I love all the traditions of Christmas. Here are a few things that have started already at our home. The house is all decorated and I even switched out all our coffee mugs, drinking glasses and dinner plates to our Christmas themed ones.
 I invited some girls over from work to have lunch and coffee with me and look at all of our decorations.
 I love this little coffee set I have. The truth is though, it's not a set at all, I put it together. I had the creamer, but I could not find the sugar. Later I found a teacup and a dish, so I'm using the cup for the sugar bowl and using the matching plate as a tray. It serves the purpose and looks adorable! Hopefully someday I'll find the sugar bowl.
One tradition that I look forward to every year is this... and I never know when it's coming, but it always does! It's a florist delivering us a big beautiful poinsettia!
The timber company that my husband contracts through sends us one every year. They always send it some time during the week after Thanksgiving so that we get to enjoy it the whole month long!
 I had a quiet morning and I ordered our picture Christmas card on line. It was so quick and easy and they came through the mail just five days later!
 Church is always such an important part of the season (of course it is all year long).
Our new church that we've been going to for almost a year now has these beautiful stained glass windows.
They put wreaths in the windows and it looks so beautiful.
I just had to take some pictures.
While I was at it, I took pictures of some of the other decorations.
It's so important to remember the true meaning of Christmas!
 That Jesus Christ our savior was born!
The hospital that I work for always gives the employees and their families tickets to see a play at the local theater.
I invited Cameron and Megan to go with me. We were so excited because this year's play was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."
 They did not disappoint us! It was so good! We had a great night!
 This year my husband and I went to our church's adult Christmas party in the fireside room. We loved this party. We have not gone to a church Christmas party in a very long time, it reminded me so much of a church we attended 25 years ago when our boys were babies, it was one of our best church experiences and I'm excited that Eric and I have found this new church home.
The tables were pretty.
 The decorations were simple, yet beautiful.
The church supplied a ham dinner and we all brought side dishes. It was a great meal.
We played fun games including Pictionary, Name That Tune and this fun one where you have to guess the Christmas character that's on your head. My hubby's was "A Store Santa" and...
...mine was "Blitzen". Our table won!!! haha! We had lots of fun!
 Time for dessert!
 Mmmm! People went all out!
As you can see... I couldn't decide, so I had a little of all of them! 

We have had a great start to our Christmas season. Wishing you and yours a fun season too and don't forget that Jesus is the reason for the season!

"The Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel." Isaiah 7:14

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Sharon that was so nice and so fun you had people in from your work. And to share your Christmas decor with others makes all your work of decorating a true joy to share!


Anonymous said...

I have the green Lefton sugar with lid but no creamer. I collect it and have several tid bit trays with metal handles and small cake stand, cups, tree dish, and some others not the green. the company was started around 1945 so these are probably late 40s and early 50s. I have seen a punch bowl too. I have an ash tray too. it is fun to go to GW every year to see what they put out.

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