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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snow day!!!

Last Saturday my hubby and I met went up to the snow in the high mountains to find a Christmas tree!!!
We met our friends up there.
Boy, oh boy was it cold! Thank goodness I had my gnome hat with me!
We took our quads and drove them up higher on the mountain.
It was so very beautiful!
So much fun to frolic in the snow with my love!
It was cold!
Blondie loved it!
We came back to the camp where the guys made a fire.
We ate lunch up in the snow snuggled by the fire! The other families roasted sausages and made chili at the site; you can see the two cans on the left there cooking next to the fire.
We brought our chili already cooked and hot in a thermos and I brought shredded cheese, chopped onions and crackers to add to to it. Of course, I had to bring our cute Christmas bowls!!!
We had a lovely glass of wine in the snow!
So much fun to be with dear friends!
Unfortunately, we didn't find a tree. I like a full tree and because they are growing wild out in nature, they tend to be scrawny and see through or real bushy on one side and skinny on the other, so we came home empty handed.
On the way home we stopped at this wonderful place called Belknap Hot Springs Lodge. Isn't it cute all decorated for Christmas!
It has two huge pools that are heated from a natural hot spring across the river. They pipe the water over to the pools.
We swam with our friends at night in the pool in the rain! We didn't care, it was so hot and felt soooo good to the bones! What a perfectly romantic and fun day we had!
The next morning we went down to the corner where the local Boy Scout troop was selling trees.
We found a perfect tree for $30.00 and the money went to a good cause.
Even though we didn't get our tree in the snow, we sure had a perfect snow day!

"He spreads the snow like wool." Psalm 147:16a

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Belknap Hot Springs! I know of a family that travels there every Memorial Day weekend and meets up with extended family! My friend has told my how beautiful the place is. Your pictures really show that. Thanks for sharing. Your tree hunting day looks fun.

Anonymous said...

wow snow and cold. here in Texas we are in the 70s and last week the 80s. suppose to get in the 50s on monday but wont stay there will be back in the 70s - what a lovely weekend. the Lodge sounded wonderful and cooking out in the open in the snow- lucky you.

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