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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nailed it!

We had a big party here last weekend and I wanted to make a cheese tray like the picture in this magazine.
I think I nailed it! I actually think mine turned out prettier, I like it on the silver tray, but the article did say that cheese is better on a nonmetal surface. So now I'll be on the hunt for a pretty marble tray with silver accents!

"Honey, butter, sheep, goats, and cheese for David and those who were with him. For they said, “You must all be very hungry and tired and thirsty after your long march through the wilderness.” II Samuel 17:29

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Looks beautiful & yummy, Sharon! You're right, yours DOES look better! I'm sure you'll find a marble tray while out thrifting! You have a keen eye. (& good taste!)

jen said...

Looks really yummy - cheese is my favorite!
I am really enjoying all your posts about Christmas and holidays :)
Hope you and your family have a wonderful one and all the best in 2013!
Jen in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Looks really nice Sharon , you will come up with the perfect serving dish. I would have my shrimps in a bowl submerged in crushed ice though that would worry me more than cheese being seved on silver or metal . Cant wait to see other party pictures posted. Did you do the crazy gift exchange again this year too? Donna

Rose of Sharon said...

Thank you everyone! Donna, are you concerned about the shrimp going bad? I never thought to put them on ice. I see them for sale all the time in the store on trays and see them a lot at parties just on trays. We ate them up that night with no problems at all. Maybe if it was a really hot day I'd do that. Maybe there's something I don't know. Thanks for the info though. :0)

Anonymous said...

I just think they should be served cold and not get to room temp . My concern is when they are at room temp for a lengtj of time . All the ones here for sale are on ice or refrigerated , but I am sure they were eaten really fast too because they are so good. Donna

Rose of Sharon said...

Oh yes, they were cold, I just pulled them out of the fridge minutes before the party started and they were eaten up right away. I think from now on though, I will serve them on ice just to be safe. Thank you for the tip!

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