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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A mother's love (and worry)....

 Two weeks ago my son, Hayden, came home from college for the Thanksgiving weekend. We had a wonderful family weekend and then it was time for him to hit the road and drive back to college.
First I made him a batch of cookies to take with him.....
...which he enjoyed and then he decided to stay for dinner, which was a wonderful surprise for us, we thought he was heading back home at about 4:00, so this was nice.
 So after dinner at about 8:00 he hit the road. This picture is so sweet, our cat and dog love Hayden and knew that something was up when all his stuff was piled up by the door. They both just sat there watching him pack and take stuff to his car. So precious!

It takes him about two and half hours to get home, so we thought we'd hear from him at about 10:30 or so. Eric and I went to bed and I laid my phone on my bedside table. I fell asleep, but turned over at about 11:00 and looked at my phone...there was no text from Hayden. I decided to wait a little bit because he doesn't like it when I baby him, he's an adult now and can handle himself.
I couldn't stand it any longer and got up and texted him. I got some eggnog and waited by my phone.
I did not hear from him and I started really praying. My heart was racing.
FINALLY!!!! Finally I heard the buzzing of my phone alerting me of an incoming text message and, praise the Lord, it was Hayden!
 Whew...he wrote, "Yeah, I got home safe" Whew! I was so thankful! He had been home for over an hour and saw friends and started talking, etc. etc. and forgot to text me. He has no idea how my anxiety level raises with stuff like this!
You can see the pattern here...11:16 I write "Did you make it?", then 11 minutes later "I'm getting worried. You ok?" at about 11:45 I called him and it went straight to voicemail. My mind was racing. I was ready to text again or call when he finally replied. I wrote back and said, "Oh good, praise the Lord!", but my emotions were all over the place, I was so grateful he's safe and so relieved, but I was a little angry that he didn't reply sooner. Of course, I was so thankful he got home...but guess what..... it's 12:41 am and this mama is wide awake and I have to work in the morning! Grrr!
Oh, but how can I be mad at this sweet face? I am making a new rule that it is mandatory that he texts us as soon as he gets home so that this won't happen in the future. Aye yigh yigh...sometimes it's hard to be a mama!

“For it is written: 'He will command his Angels concerning you that they will protect you,' “ Luke 4:10

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

You had me worried there too , so glad he is ok . And no you couldnt be mad at that adorable face . Hayden call home as soon as you get in the door. Donna

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I just hate it when they don't call or text when they make it home, they just don't understand the worry a parent goes through, though they will someday when they have kids of their own :)
So glad that everything turned out okay.

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