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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unexpected emotions....

Mackenzie proudly displaying his Star Wars action figures circa 1998
 Last night we had Mackenzie & Brittany and Cameron and Megan over for a Halloween dinner. We had chili and cornbread and watched a scary movie as we handed out candy to the neighborhood children. We got a new TV and Mackenzie and I were setting it up together when all the sudden he says, "I sold the last of my Star Wars guys." I said "What???? Your old vintage ones?" and he went on to tell me that he sold them on Ebay and got good money for them.

Mackenzie has collected Star Wars action figures for many, many years. It started when he was about in the 2nd grade. He saw the movie and then we started picking them up, one piece at a time, at garage sales and thrift stores. He really liked the vintage ones from the 1970s, but he also collected the newer ones. I'm happy that he ended up getting over $1,000 for his collection as he sold it over time, but he held on to his last little bit of prime vintage, collectible figures, until now.
Mackenzie in his room playing action figures circa 1995.
I miss these days.
For some reason, this hit me like a ton of bricks and put me in kind of a tailspin of empty nest sadness. It's ridiculous that I feel this way and I know it. He's a grown man of 28 years old and he's been married for four years! He was holding on to them to pass along to his kids, but he realized that his kids might not even like them and they were just gathering dust. He told me that he had many great years of playing with them when he was little, it brought him great joy to collect them over the years and even as an adult, they were on display in his music studio. He said that if his kids are interested in them when they are at the right age that they can have fun together hunting them down at garage sales and on ebay. They had their time and now it was time to let them go. He felt very free with it, but I was sad.

It just really hits home that all my kids are grown. I am so, so, so proud of all of them and I am so happy that they are doing awesome as adults. It just is hard on a mom's heart sometimes.

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
I feel your pain. My son collected GI Joes & sold them all, too. I thought he'd keep them forever! One was a collector edition that was signed by Navy Seals. We had gone to an air show where they were, & he brought the box for them to sign. That was SO cool.

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