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Friday, November 16, 2012

Two other fun things....

A few weeks ago my brother came to town for a three week visit as he was recuperating from shoulder surgery. We had him over for a big family dinner, which was so nice. My hubby decided to try make smoked chicken, which he has never done before.
We were all pleasantly surprised at how delicious this turned out! It was so moist and tender, it was perfect! Eric made the whole meal, he also made baked beans and potato salad! I tell ya, I'm the luckiest girl!!!
My sweet parents. I love this picture!
Cameron and Megan. Don't they look like some hip couple from Paris?
Brittany visiting with Wade and my parents.
Two of my favorite girls!!!
Sometimes I love candid pictures so much. These boys are always goofing around and laughing!
Here's the posed one. Awe...what handsome sons I have. I wished our youngest, Hayden was with us too.
Me and my mother.
Cameron and Megan enjoying the meal.
We had a delicious dinner and a great time visiting.
The next week I met my sister and her family for the State cross country meet.
My niece Jessica was third in districts, so she got to run at the State meet!
We were sooooo excited for her! Here she comes, #23 in the bright blue.
She ran it at the District meet at 21:12.7.
Today's she's hoping to shave a little off of that time.
She's a beautiful runner!
She's a beautiful girl!
There she goes across the finish line! Good job Jessica!
Proud Mama hugging her with Proud Dad looking on.
Way to go Jessica! You did it!
Now you deserve a big drink of cool water!!! Isn't this a cute picture!
I'm so proud of my niece! I'm proud of all of my nieces and nephews!!!
Been there, done the sweatshirt!

Aren't family gatherings just the best!

"Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." Hebrews 12:1

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

I have to agree Sharon, I love family get togethers! Eric's dinner reminds me of a co-worker who has a little smoker unit. She makes the most awesome smoked mac n cheese! She makes it for all our work pot lucks.

Sue said...

Sharon, I think one of the great gifts from our heavenly Father is our Families, you and Kathy have beautiful and wonderful families!

Don't you just love a man who can cook, I am blessed to be married to one who does, and has been so helpful to me during this remodeling project!
Thanks for sharing!

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