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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving at our home....

I started our Thanksgiving preparations the day before. I started my day with a nice brisk walk with my friend, Shelley. It is so good to see that little red truck in front of the house, which means my son, Hayden is home from college for Thanksgiving break!
I brought my camera on today's walk because Shelley and I keep walking by the most beautiful tree. It's leaves have all changed into gorgeous fall colors in various shades of oranges and yellows with these glorious red berries! Aren't they beautiful!
Here's another breathtaking tree....
...and another. God is so creative! I sure love his beautiful work!
We often see a male and female quail, but today we say the whole family!
I was glad I had my camera and I got a picture of this sweet little lady and her little dog. She has walked through our neighborhood for years. I'm pretty sure she's in her 90s and she still walks her little dog every day! The boys all used to talk to her and pet her dog when they were little. I hope that I'm still this spry when I'm 90!
I came back home and noticed these beautiful leaves in their full glory right in my front yard!
After my walk I did my Bible study and then got to work! I cleaned the house and then started baking my pies and making my salads.
I let Hayden sleep because he's been so busy at college. I knew he needed a good night's sleep. He slept until 2:00 pm!
I peeled 20 potatoes, quartered them and put them in water and then in the fridge. This will make it so much easier tomorrow and all I'll have to do is put the pot on the stove and boil!
I swear....ten minutes ago this room was clean! haha!
And this room too! Heehee! It's amazing how much mess a college boy can make! He knows that he has to clean all of this up before the company comes tomorrow!
The next thing I did was set the tables. I pulled out all of my brown transferware dishes and amber glass and if I do say so...the tables turned out beautiful!
I lit the candles and took pictures of the tables, but I'll share them tomorrow.
On Thanksgiving morning we all got up early. Eric had to work and I got busy making the green bean casserole. Hayden went down to the middle school to play in the flag football Turkey Bowl.
It was fun to watch him play. They were all having so much fun. Here he is running with the ball.
When I got back home Eric was home from work and he was mowing the grass and visiting with our neighbor, Ken.
I laid out the frozen dough balls. I know this is cheating, but they taste so much like home-made, I don't care!!! If you haven't tried them you really should!
I got the turkey in the oven. I prefer to use a bag, it turns out moist and perfect every time!
Everything's ready! Just waiting for everyone to arrive!
We will really miss my oldest son and his wife, Brittany. They celebrated Thanksgiving with her mother in South Dakota. They put this picture of themselves on Facebook and said it was only 20 degrees there! Brrrr! I'm happy that they had a good Thanksgiving!
Oh how I love these family gatherings!
We started with appetizers.
The boys sure were enjoying them!
Me with my sister Kelli and our cousin Lori. Our other sister, Kathi, had Thanksgiving with her husband's side of the family this year.
Cameron and Megan.
My Mama and Daddy!
Cousins, Hayden and Samuel.
Eric's parents, Jim and Alice!
Hayden with his grandpa!
The turkey turned out perfect!
Look at this beautiful spread! We are so blessed!
Grandpa and the boys!
Time to say grace and eat!
We had such a lovely time!
What wonderful memories we made!
My beautiful sister and our parents!
I love this picture of the four grandparents sitting and visiting after the meal.
I went upstairs to see what the kids were doing and found Cameron and Megan practically passed out. It was so funny because they first had Thanksgiving at her family's house and then ate a meal at our house! They were in a food coma!
The boys were all playing Xbox and having fun. I love these family gatherings!
Last but not least...we had dessert! What a terrific day we had. God has truly blessed us!

"I will praise the name of God with song, And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dinner Sharon , you are so organized. Your new room worked perfectly for everyone too. Donna

Molly's Art Designs said...

Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving! I really miss having large family gatherings. We took the girls to the USO and fed the young military men and women this year. The young men devoured everything we made in about 2 seconds! My oldest daughter cut pie for three hours, and my youngest daughter was the official mash potato server! It was actually a lot of fun! I still miss the family gatherings--but it was nice to be "family" for these young men and women!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sharon for your wonderful and beautiful blog.
I have been reading since day one.
When it was Rose of Sharon. My little sister is 6 years younger than me.And I named her Sharon. As a 6 year old I believe I did a great job naming her.
I do read your blog every day. Its a blessing to me.


Sherri said...

Your Thanksgiving feast looks yummy and the family fellowship wonderful! My son used to drive a small red pick up also. He was here for Thanksgiving and currently attends the same Univ. I work at. So I see him more often these days! Thankful. Oh and we have raised quail. Neat photos.

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