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Thursday, November 8, 2012

He's adjusting very well!

 Three months ago we dropped our son off at college. It's hard to believe it's already been three months!
 After saying goodbye, we didn't get to talk to him for a week or see him for three weeks. It was very difficult for me, I missed him so much, but he was busy pretty much 24/7 with football, so that was good.
 He was excited to go to college and we were excited for him too, but would he adjust okay?
 He had a lot to balance, he's going to school full-time and he's on the football team, which he told us is like a full-time job; he's at practice, watching film, going to meetings, going to games or working out for about 40 hours a week!
Plus he has to adjust to dorm life and not knowing a single sole on campus. In the beginning he seemed to balance everything pretty well, but after a few weeks, he did not do so well with his grades, particularly math, in fact,  he really bombed his first test.
He went and talked to his professor and got such great one-on-one tutoring and started to understand all of it. He also started practicing better study skills. The next quiz he took he got a 100%!!! He got 10 out of 10 correct. I was so proud of him! He was so excited and so were we!!!
He also has been making lots of friends and enjoying the dorm life. I snagged these pictures of him from Facebook. That's him adding to the sign on front of his dorm room. Dorm #144 is the cool place to be apparently! haha!
I was really happy for him that when he got home from his football game on his birthday he walked up to his dorm room door to find this.
A bunch of girls decorated his room for him. These same girls brought him a cake at midnight on his birthday so they could be the first ones to celebrate his birthday with him! I was so happy for him, especially since we could not be with him on the night of his birthday.

When the new Halo game came out, he found this message on the door of his dorm. Haha! He took a picture of it and put it on Facebook with this caption, "Whoever this is...challenge accepted!!!!" I'm glad he's met a lot of friends and is having fun.
 He's also adjusting quite well to living on his own and living on a budget. He sent me this cute text message "You should be proud of your boy!" with the attached photos:
A foot long deli sandwich and......
 ...a picture of a healthy lunch with the following text......
 "All from Winco for really cheap"! What a cutie pie!
 He's become even more independent and mature. He's a survivor and pretty self-sufficient. He asked us to bring him up his old scooter and that's how he gets around campus! Pretty smart huh! Eric and I go up to see him and watch his football games almost every Saturday, which has been so wonderful. He has grown up a lot and he sure does appreciate us more too!
 Last Friday though, I got this text from him. "I got my math midterm back :/ I studied so hard...." Oh my gosh, this is not good, look at that sad face. My heart sank.
 I immediately started praying and carefully wrote back the words, "What did you get?" and then continued to pray and waited until I heard my phone buzz with an incoming text. I was so afraid to open my phone and when I did, this is what I saw.....
 "An 85!!!!!" Oh, that little stinker! He really got me! But I didn't care, I was soooo relieved and so thankful and so very proud of him!
 I wrote him back and told him so. I was soooo happy!
 Wow, an 85, he worked very hard for that grade. I'm so proud!
So between studies,
dorm life, campus life, 
and football, he's doing amazing!
We are so proud of our son and so happy that he has adjusted so well at college. I have such a peace about all of it and know that God is watching out for him and helping him. Oh, that reminds me about one piece that's missing for him; he has not found a church or a Bible study group yet, he said he's going to pursue that once football is over, but he is staying close to the Lord.

It does my heart good to know that he has adjusted so well to college. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you how my husband and I are doing with our adjustment with our empty nest.

"Sons are a heritage of the Lord." Psalm 127:3

Hugs, Sharon

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Anonymous said...

That is good to hear he is doing so well and adjusting ok . Change is hard on everyone but we all seem to manage in the end. Looking forward to hearing about your adjustment too. Donna

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