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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hayden's last football game.....

A week ago I was heading down an old country road. It really doesn't look like fall anymore, it looks more like winter, which is pretty typical for November in Oregon.
I was excited because I was heading to see my baby boy's last college football game. Usually my husband and I go to these games together, but he was hunting, so I drove up alone. I decided that it would be really fun to stay the night and spend extra time with Hayden. So, I got a hotel for us to stay in and we made fun plans.
I got to the game a little late and it was so exciting because the score was Linfield 10/Pacific 7, but Pacific had the ball! This was a big deal because Linfield is the number one team in the league! Now, I just need to find my son in that sea of boys in uniform!
There he is, #32!!!
He turned around and spotted me too!
He was standing on the sidelines, which we have learned to accept (I'll be sharing more about this on Monday).
Look at that sky!
The sun was trying to shine, but it was freezing cold. We had a few sprinkles, but thank goodness it didn't t rain.
This cracks me up, I can always spot Hayden pretty easily by the way he stands. He crosses his leg over like this. I have many pictures of him standing like this and I think it's so cute.
Well, our good fortune at the beginning of the game did not last....we lost big time 51 to 17.
I'm proud of my handsome son. Even though he never got in a regular game, he worked very hard. He deserves a nice long rest now!
As we were leaving, we saw this cute church. I love the sign, Jesus Saves. What a simple, yet powerful and true message.
We drove to the college and he picked up his stuff and then we went to the hotel to check in and drop off our bags.
Then I took him out to dinner. Where else would a mother take her hungry boy except an all you can eat buffet!!!
After that we headed back to the room to watch the Oregon Duck football game, which was awesome!
I took the opportunity to mend some things for Hayden.
He enjoyed having a big room with a full size bed compared to his bunk bed in the dorm.
I know he's 19, but he will always be my baby!
I got up early in the morning and had some coffee and checked the computer.
We got all ready because we were going to try a church that hopefully Hayden might want to start going to. Since he went away to college three months ago he has not attended church. :0( He was so busy with football and adjusting to college life, he didn't have time to go and he missed it.
We had a nice breakfast at the hotel.
Then we went to church. This is a Four Square church and Hayden's old Sunday school teacher moved up here and is in charge of the Children's ministry here. We ran into her and her husband and they were soooo nice. They were so happy to see Hayden and they introduced him to many people including the college youth pastor. We loved the worship and the pastor's message was awesome. Hayden thinks he'll probably go back!
After church he asked me if he could get a hair cut. We went to this really funky little place that was near campus and he got a hair cut. This was a spontaneous thing we did that ended up being so much fun. What a great memory!
Then we went to Goodwill...
...and got some Taco Bell.
Then it was time to hug and say good-bye. We prayed together and then he headed back to his dorm.
There he goes. Sniff...I hate saying good-bye.
As I drove off, I said another prayer over him and I teared up.

I miss him, but I'm so proud of how well he is doing. The good news is, now that football is over he will be able to come home on the weekends! He's here right now as I am typing this and then he will be back for Thanksgiving weekend!

Also, after I left Hayden, I headed back home to see my husband and our three other sons and their sweeties for a family dinner. Life keeps changing and moving on, but it is a good life and the Lord is with us.

"All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children." Isaiah 54:13

Hugs, Sharon


Molly's Art Designs said...

How sweet! I am still enjoying reading your blog! My oldest daughter wants to go far away to grad school--that will be hard on me! Thanks for the inspiration!

Molly's Art Designs said...

How sweet! My oldest daughter wants to go far away for grad school--that is going to be hard on me. Thank you for the inspiration!

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