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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween this year....

I know this is late, but I wanted to share these pictures from Halloween this year. First I wanted to show you the fun decorations that my office buddy, Mary, did at work. You can see me here all decked out for the holiday with my cute Halloween coffee mug, my orange diamond encrusted spiderweb tee-shirt with black cardigan and my fun spooky owl ring!
Mary found this cool mummy wrap fabric at the dollar store and hung it up at the front desk window. I would have never thought of that! If you look closely, you can see a ghostly image in this photo! Haha
She made these amazing vintage looking medicine bottles. She found the images on the internet and printed them out, cut them and glued them on old bottles. How fun is that??? She placed them with stacked medical books with a cool crow nearby.
She also put up this cute orange and black drippy battery operated candle. I loved having the warm glowy candlelight at work.
 On another counter she placed this scary menu from the Dead Man's Diner. Isn't it cute! The patients really got a kick out of this.
 The pictures were my favorite thing.
 She simply took an anatomy book to a copy company and copied spooky skeleton pictures on cream colored paper.
The she framed them in dollar store frames and laced them with cotton spider webs and fake spiders. Didn't they turn out cool! They are perfect for a doctors office too!
 On the Saturday before Halloween Mary had a Halloween party for all of us at work. It was also a pumpkin carving party for the kids. She really did it up nicely. Look at this amazing food table!
 Mary and I love to thrift shop together and she found many of these items second hand. That witch is scary!
 Cute cupcakes!
 I love this wonderful mortar and pestle. She filled it with delicious home-made caramel corn!
 Her house was decorated so cute!
 There were fun Halloween decorations everywhere! I love the little candy jars in her window.
 I love this pumpkin head man! She placed him near spooky books, a scarecrow and some framed vintage postcards.
 Mary's house is eclectic and very cool.
 I love it!
 We had a really fun night at her house and the little kiddos loved carving their pumpkins. I'm thankful for friends like Mary; she's so inspiring!
This picture is soooo cute! Grayson had a costume party at his house and the next day I see this picture on my Facebook wall with the caption from Megan, "Sharon, we need a mother's insight...which couple is the real Grayson and Layla and which ones are the impostors? Can we ever be sure?" What a darling costume they made...dressing like Grayson and his dog. They are so darn cute!!!
 On Halloween night we had the kids over for our traditional chili and cornbread dinner.
 Mackenzie and Brittany came.
And Cameron and Megan came and they brought a fabulous artichoke dip that Megan made. Hayden was off at college and Grayson wanted to give candy away at his own house this year (plus, he had a special date that I'll tell you about later!!!).
 Megan works at a bank and they dressed up for Halloween. She's a Koopa Troopa! Doesn't she look cute!
 Brittany's handing out the goodies to the children.
 We got some cute kiddos in clever costumes.
And what's a family gathering without a little wrestling going on? Haha...Brittany's trying to pick up Mackenzie, but it's not working! hee hee
 This was a big night for us because it was the maiden voyage of our new bonus room!!! Mackenzie actually just pulled the TV and DVD player out of their boxes and set them up for us that night!
 We were all cozy!
 We were all comfortable too! The new room is perfect! We watched a scary vampire movie and had our chili and cornbread.
Brittany made this amazing chocolate cheesecake for dessert! Isn't it beautiful! I love the spiderweb design with the creepy spiders! It tasted soooo good too!!!
We had a happy Halloween! I hope you did too!

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline." II Timothy 1:7

Hugs, Sharon


adsgram said...

Looks like a fun Halloween was had by everyone at your house and work, Sharon! I love seeing all the little (and not so little) ones all dressed up and excited! Time to move on top Thanksgiving now...enjoy!


Mardell said...

Oh wow!! How fun! Love your office decorations. Mary really did a great job. The Dead Man's Diner menu cracked me up. ("Deadsert: Fresh Flesh Fudge.") LOL

I really enjoyed your pictures!! What fun. :o)

Have a great day, Sharon.

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