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Friday, November 9, 2012

Adjusting to the Empty Nest Life!

 This was me the evening after we took our baby boy to college. I was sad. I cried. After having children in our home for 28 years, our nest was now empty.
 I looked out the front door and his little truck was not there. Oh...the sadness.
 I worked that day and purposely did not wear make-up thinking that I might start bawling at any moment, but I was happily surprised that I did not. When I got home from work I was blue. I walked through the house and went up to his empty room and wept.

I went to each room and relived old memories of when the house was full of kids. I cried. Then, surprisingly, I felt better. I said to myself, you know what, we raised four amazing sons and each one of them had a magical beautiful childhood. They have all grown to be such excellent men and human beings. They all love God. They all are contributing to society. They are all doing good. Eric and I had a job to do and we did it well. This time is a little sad, but it's also a time to celebrate and be proud of our achievements. We have so many great memories and I really don't have many regrets with the way we did it.
Then I started looking at the bright side of this empty nest business. It's actually really fun to be here alone with just my husband and I. We've been spending lots of time together.
 It reminds me so much of when we were newlyweds.
 It reminds me of our first little honeymoon shack and being all cozy together starting our life.
 It's been really sweet. We are both having fun. So while I miss Hayden terribly, I have found a silver lining of good things about the empty nest.
 We went on a trip to Utah a few days after we took Hayden to college and had such a fantastic time.
 Eric went crabbing and brought a bunch home. Because it's just the two of us, we had it three nights in a row! haha!
 The food bill has gone way down and so has the work of getting groceries. I only bought four bags this time!
 Eric and I are more spontaneous and do things like run out for breakfast.
 The snacks are lasting much longer, even my stash of peanut butter cups are still there right out in the open; I don't have to hide them anymore! haha! When I buy my favorite tomato bisque soup to have for lunch the next week, when I go to look for it, it's there!!!
 There's no mess on the entryway table.
 There's no junk on the stairs.
 There's no shoes by the front door.
 There's always plenty of cups and mugs in the cabinet.
 There's always a ton of towels and wash rags.
 We have a great supply of utensils, especially spoons!
The sink stays clean!
 I go to bed with a clean kitchen and.....
 ...I wake up to a clean kitchen.
 The kitchen is clean when I leave for work in the morning.....
 ....and it's clean when I come home in the afternoon for lunch and......'s clean in the evening when I get home from work.
 We've had some very fun romantic dinners for two including this wonderful fall dinner (which I'll be blogging about soon) and....
 ....this fun Halloween dinner.
 We've had fun romantic nights too!
 Oh, I do miss the good old days of all my amazing boys at home all around me.
But, life changes. Our life as we knew it has forever changed, but it does go on. Our kids have grown up, moved out and moved on. They are all doing well and Eric and I are doing well. What has really helped us is that we see our kids all the time. The older three boys and their sweeties come over almost every Sunday night for dinner and we've been driving up to Hayden's college almost every Saturday, so that has definitely helped us through this transition.

I am actually really enjoying my empty nest. After thirty years of marriage, I am falling in love all over again with my husband!

"My love is mine and I am his." Song of Solomon 2:16

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

A beautiful love story , I am so happy for you and Eric . Donna

gin said...

oh i so know the feeling, good and bad. It's how God's plan is. I just have to constantly remind myself how we were in our early 20's. I want my kids to have that experiece too, being on their own, making their own life, but still knowing we are here if they need anyting. We see our kids at least every week too. And now with 2 brand new grandbabies for us we even have more change. Life is good. God is good. And

Randi Jo :) said...

Awww I cried when I read this. I can't imagine how hard this transition must be. I know the Lord has a purpose & plan in each season of our lives... but what a huge change to adjust to. I am so happy for you that the Lord is helping you switch your focus & choose thankfulness. and it really does show the importance of marriage --- the kids do leave - but the marriage is forever. So important to stay connected. Thanks for these reminders & encouragement. You do inspire me & encourage me to soak up every baby cuddle and mess and be so thankful. <3

Randi Jo :) said...

P.S. It is such a fine line isn't it ???

to completely devote ourselves to our husbands/children - but not to find our value in them.

To embrace wholeheartedly the role God has us in - but to always find our joy & satisfaction in HIM - not in how HE decides to use us.

as always starzie said...

Oh Sharon I got teary eyed reading this post thinking about my early days of marriage. My kids are all grown and have left home except for my baby daughter who's 27! Sometimes kids come home again after leaving! But I know the day will come when she will move out on her own! My son and middle daughter have given us 4 grandchildren. I can't even tell you how much you have to look forward to when these little ones come into your life! It's wonderful to stay connected as a couple when you become empty nesters. My hubby and I are leaving in the morning for 2 weeks at our vacation home on the beach in Ensenada Mex! It's good to keep the romance going!
Love and hugs,

Mardell said...

I cried when I read this, too. Hope you can feel my long distance hugs, Sharon. What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? Will you have a full house?

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon! :) I read your blog all the time and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. I have always admired you for raising four what seems to me awesome men! I am so happy that you are doing your best to enjoy this time in your life. Before you know will end up with grandbabies keeping you busy. :)

Take care,

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