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Friday, October 12, 2012

The life of our Bonus Room....

 This is what our bonus room looked like when we moved in our cozy little home back in summer of 1994. Actually though, when we moved in there was a pool table in the center of this room that we had to get rid of. We had this big 17x20 room that was empty, white and cold. I wanted so badly to make this room a wonderful comfortable space for the whole family, but I had no decorating budget.
So, what's a little young mother of four young boys to do when she has no money to decorate, yet she wants to make this a cozy, comfortable room?
 She uses paint!!!
 I painted everything! I wish I could have painted that horrible brown striped Berber carpet! haha!
I taped off the walls and painted them to look like striped wallpaper with a floral border. The colors in the room were blue, cream and yellow.
I purchased pieces of furniture at thrift stores and garage sales and painted them all to coordinate. That big chest in the background was only $3.00 and it was white with red hand prints all over it. Yes, I said red, so it looked like bloody hand prints! Yuck! I quickly painted over it and stenciled it in a fun whimsical pattern and we used it for a blanket chest.
The next phase was to add the diamond pattern on the top portion of the wall. I cut a sponge in the shape of a diamond and stamped the paint on the wall.  Here's little baby Hayden in his cute little brown jumper sitting in the chair that I re-upholstered.
 Yes, I know....this was a bit much, but if you saw the room all together, it really was cozy and cute.
 Here's a vintage picture of me doing my medical transcription in the bonus room. I'm upset that I don't have more pictures of this room, but I think I threw away a big stack of decorating pictures not too long ago thinking I would never need them. :0( So now I cannot show you the cute yellow floral chair that I recovered and the cute coffee table that I painted and stenciled. Oh well...
We got sick of the crazy blue stripped and dotted room, so I found a nice calm cream colored wallpaper and wallpapered the whole room. I added a green floral boarder. Again, I threw away the decorating pictures, so these are the only ones I could find of this room. This is Mackenzie's rock band called, Kenzie, practicing their music in our bonus room.
Here's a picture of Grayson's 10th birthday party back in 2000. I loved the room when it was like this, it was really calming and relaxing and fun to be in.
Soon after those pictures were taken, we had a major room changing in the house. Hayden was grown up and was ready to move upstairs to share a room with his brother and I moved the home office downstairs. Mackenzie and Cameron were sharing a room, but they were fighting a lot, and it was small,  so we decided give them the big bonus room to share. Well, they still were arguing a lot as teenagers can do and we decided we would rather have peace in our home than a bonus room, so we decided to separate them. We gave Mackenzie the bonus room since he was a musician and needed room for the drum set and he was expanding his home "studio".
This was a great decision. The boys quit fighting and Mackenzie and Cameron had room to enjoy their hobbies and interests. Their brotherhood was intact and we had peace in our home again!!!
I don't know how we ended up doing this, but we needed to re-roof the house and I asked my husband if he could add dormers to the front of the house.
He talked to a friend who was a contractor and he said it would be pretty easy to do, so we bit the bullet and did it! (look at Mackenzie's beautiful blond curly hair there at the bottom right of the picture!)
My husband is amazing! He told me that once he cut into the roof he was a bit nervous, but he kept going and it all turned out beautiful! This added such interest and charm to our home!
Mackenzie had a pretty cool music studio set up in this room! He named it "Upstairs Studio" and made a sign and hung it on the door. He also wrote this on his website and CDs that he made.
 I am so happy that he was able to have the space to make this nice studio.
He started his music career here and him and his soon to be wife at the time, Brittany, recorded their music here.
 Well, in 2007 Mackenzie decided it was time to move out, so we were in transition once again!
 I found this darling picture of Cameron and Hayden laying in the middle of the chaos playing a video game together!
 A short time later we got Hayden all moved in and set up in his nice new room!
 Too bad it wasn't always this clean! haha!
 He had everything he needed!
 His room was ridiculously large for any 14 year old to have! Oh, I forgot to mention that when we put in the dormers, we got new carpet at the same time! Wow, this made such an improvement! I was so happy to see that old ugly carpet go!
 Many fun times were in this room!
Look at Hayden's blond curly hair there, just like his older brother's! This picture was taken at one of his slumber parties. 
 I know I have more pictures of Hayden's room as a grown up senior, but these were the only ones I could find in a hurry. These were taken a year ago when we hosted a big barbecue for the whole football team at our home.
His room was more like a little apartment with a microwave and coffee maker, little sofa and a couple of TVs. He had lots of fun parties and sleep overs. This room of ours had had many lives and holds many, many great family memories. Now that it's redecorated, I can't wait to see what the great memories will evolve here!

Come back next week for the new room reveal! :0)

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." II Corinthians 5:17

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Oh my! I've thoroughly enjoyed going down Memory Lane with you, Sharon. I can't get over how you painted those walls! What a remerkable transformation. It must have taken forever! Love Mackenzie's CURLS! Boy, if those walls could talk.... great pics.

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