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Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Bonus Room: It's finished!!!

 I'm all done with our bonus room redo!!!
 I'm very pleased with how it turned out!
 It's a busy room, but it's warm and cozy!
This room serves many purposes, a TV room, a workout room, and a craft room as well as an extra guest room with the two queen hide-a-beds!
 I found this neat vintage cedar box to hold the remotes!
 Don't laugh at our little TV, we have a 42 inch big screen that's ready to be set up.
 Here's the finished china hutch.
 I think it turned out so cute!
 At first I was going to decorate the room with vintage cabin items, but it just was not coming together, so I decided to use all my fun vintage kitchen items.
 I loaded the hutch with a bunch of fun things!
 My vintage thermos collection looks great on top of the hutch.
 Here's a brightly colored boy and his dog.
 I love these roosters that my blogging friend, Mardell, sent me! (Thank you Mardell and by the way, ...check your email, I sent you a letter a few weeks ago!)
 These lovely ladies are taking a little stroll together.
 Here's the "after" with the tool box. Remember, yesterday I showed you that it was a bright yellow with the words "Bon Appetit" on the front. I painted it a mustard yellow and rubbed stain all over it. Check out that cool crackled vintage apple! I love it!
 Here's a stack of tin vintage picnic baskets and a cute red plaid lunch pail. I topped it with a very old toy Scottie dog. He's actually stuffed with straw!
 These two bookshelves are holding our life in photo albums from 1979 through last June of 2012. I am so happy to have all of our photos in albums and to have them easy to get to. I don't like how this area looks, but soon it will be rectified; Eric is going to make me a custom cabinet to hold all of them.
 I like this little vignette with the little dogs.
 Here are some vintage cameras.
 I'm very happy to have the exercise equipment out in the bonus room, hopefully I will start using them!
 I love needlepoint.
 This will be really comfy for the whole family to gather for our Sunday dinner and movie nights!
 I finally got all of my decorating books out on a shelf. I am so happy to have them at my fingertips to read anytime I want!
 I painted this little curio cabinet the same green.
 I filled it with fun vintage salt and pepper shakers. I love the bright colors!
 I love looking through this old decorating books for inspiration!
 This shelf holds my devotional books as well as Godly wife and mother books. These books have helped me so much with my marriage and raising our sons. I want to set up a little library system so my daughter-in-laws can check out these books if they would like to.
 I love our new checked chair!
 I couldn't have done this room without garage sale and thrift store finds!
 I am so happy to finally be displaying this wonderful vintage Singer sewing table base that Eric's mother gave me.
It was in her entryway for many years. She had it painted it gold with a smokey glass top. I painted it red and simply painted an old board red for the top.
 I love how it turned out. It holds framed family pictures.
 I found these cute silhouettes at a church rummage sale. They were the tops of calenders from the 1960s.
 I think these old resin plaques are so charming, I have a few of them now and am starting to collect them. This one is a Home Blessing.
 The chest of drawers turned out great!
 I am so happy that I found a place for my darling metal doll house from the 1960s. I remember my friends having these and I wanted one so bad, but I never got one as a child. About five years ago I drove by a local thrift store and it was sitting out front in a free pile. I couldn't believe it! It's missing the front door and living room window, but I think I can figure out a way to make those. I believe I will have fun with this at Christmas time and put snow and a Santa on the roof! I also want to start looking for furniture and small dolls to go inside for my some day grandkids to play with!
 I love how this room turned out!
 Here's an cool old window that I had a mirror cut to fit.
 Eric hung this heavy shelf below it for me and I placed old pottery on top.
 Here's my $2.25 lamp that I painted! Didn't it turn out cute!
 Cute stuff!
 More cute stuff!
 I love vintage pooches!
 Here's a fun clock that I found at Goodwill for $1.99. It's a Hull clock and it was missing the actual clock in the center, but I had an old one that fit in the hole perfectly!
 I can't wait to curl up here on a rainy afternoon and watch an old Ginger Rogers movie!
 Here's the dormer that Eric built for us about ten years ago.
 I love this little nook! I fit perfectly on this bench and it's a great place to do my Bible study!
 Here's my red shelf that I painted right on the wall!
 It turned out so cute. I have chicken wire in the window area and I placed vintage tins inside. I hung an antique child's quilt on the bottom.
 It was a huge undertaking, but I am so happy with the results. It was definitely worth it! The next step is to set up the TV and then we will have a family gathering here! I can't wait!
"God Bless Our Home"

"But all things should be done decently and in order." I Corinthians 14:40

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Oh Sharon!! I need to pick my chin up from the floor!! It's gorgeous! So cozy & inviting. The lamps give off such ambience to the room. The color scheme is beautiful. Greens/reds/yellows... it ties so well together. I have three vintage picnic baskets ~ I can't resist them. LOL

I also collect S&P shakers (another thing I can't resist!) Yours are darling.

I'm sorry I didn't get your email. I check it several times/day.

All of your collections are wonderful & you've done magic with how you put it all together! :o) You're so creative & resourceful!

I was anxiously awaiting for this post! LOL
Have a GREAT day.

PS: I don't think I'd ever want to leave there. Are you always going to call it the "Bonus Room?" I think it deserves a sophisticated title!

Erin said...

It really turned out great! You did a wonderful job of pulling everything together with color. I love the thermoses on top of the hutch!

Cottonwood Tales said...

Just beautiful !! So warm and cozy !! Great job !! Love the colors !!
Karen in Texas

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed I could easily curl up in there and have a nice long nap. I look at all your beautiful collections , it is so much fun looking through thrift stores. Your finds are amazing. Donna

Anonymous said...

Wow Sharon I just love what you have done with your bonus room! Your hard work sure paid off. I so do love all the bright and happy colors you used!
I want to come and sit in this room
I looked twice at your pictures to see everything! Congrats Sharon on what a beautiful room you put together!


jen said...

Looks awesome!! I really enjoyed reading these progressing posts.
Hope all is good with you and love your blogs-
Jen in Vancouver

Ps we just moved to a new house in July and have 4 Rose of Sharon bushes- thought of you:)

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Sharon!

It's my first time here and I LOVE it! It is so cozy and inviting. I have that brown and yellow picnic basket and the little curio cabinet.I would love to have that little birdhouse clock!

I found you via Brenda's Cozy Little House "Tweak It Tuesday" party.

Now I'm off to find your "follow" button and peek around the rest of your house.

xoxo Bunny Jean

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