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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Bonus Room: The Fun Part!!!

This is the part of decorating that I love....the finishing touches!!! I say it's the fun part, but it was also a lot of hard work!!! We got the new loveseats and the other furniture in and I can finally see where this room has potential!!!
The first major project I worked on was the china hutch. Thank goodness it was two separate pieces; this made it much more easy to work with.
The first thing I did was give it a good scrubbing!
Then my darling husband came upstairs with his Sawzall and cut off the corner of the hutch for me.
We had to do this so that it would fit in the spot I wanted with our slanted ceilings. I love that man! He is always so willing to help me!
I was happy it came off in one piece.
I'm going to paint this piece and save it in case we ever move the hutch to another spot, then I can just glue it back on!
I know it looks weird, but this is the only way I could get it to fit in the spot where I wanted it.
Here's the color I'm going to paint it!!! Now that's a bright green! It's called Frog Pad by Glidden.
So far I'm liking it!
It looks a little bright, but isn't it cute!!!
See how nice the hutch fits in this nook now that Eric cut the corner.
I'm so happy this worked out! I will strategically place something there to hide this spot.
The next thing I did was paint the dresser red. This will be a perfect stand for our big screen TV. This dresser used to be in our master bedroom and I bought it a long time ago at a garage sale for $25.00. When I got home from the sale I realized it was made by Thomasville! It is a very high quality dresser! Years ago I painted it cream and sprayed gold webbing all over it. I know it sounds awful, but in the early 90s this was really cool stuff! I actually painted all of our bedroom furniture like this so it all matched!
As I looked at that gold webbing, I was very concerned that the paint would not cover it up, it is actually textured and I was worried it would look really stupid if it showed up through the paint. I really DID NOT want to sand it down, I just DID NOT have the time or energy to do that. I was really, really, really hoping that the red paint would cover over all of it. As I started brushing that red paint on, I was so very happy, it was covering over it beautifully! I was so very thankful! You can see a little bit of the webbing texture, but not enough to bother me, I'm happy!
See my funny little 12 inch TV with VCR behind me? This was my constant friend through the whole project. I played all of my old  Dorris Day and Ginger Rogers movies while I was working and it made the time so much more pleasant. I just love those old movies!
While the red pain was drying, I sanded the green hutch to age it a bit.
I like how that looks! I think it is a little bright for the room, so I'm going to put a stain over it too.
I wanted to show you a little trick. This cabinet door would not close, I think the hinge got bent or something. I wanted to fix it quick, so guess what I did?
I found some little pieces of velcro with self adhesive on the back and I simply put a piece on the door.....
....and a piece on the door jam. It worked perfectly, but then the adhesive pulled off, so I just tacked a nail through each piece and has worked great ever since!!!
Later I rubbed stain all over the hutch and I was pleased with the more toned down look to that bright green paint.
I really like how this turned out!
After I painted the dresser, I painted both of the bookcases green and then I hung the wallpaper border in the dormer.
See the little wooden door on the other side of the bookcase? It's actually a door to an attic crawl space that Eric created all those years ago when he added the dormers to the house. I always intended to cover it with wallpaper to help camouflage it, but I never did...
...until now! Yea!!! I finally covered it.
You almost can't see it, but it's there!
Just pull on it and the magnet strips let go and you can get into the attic!
Another fun project I did was to paint this old lamp. I found it at a garage sale for only .25 cents!!! I spray painted it bright cherry red.
I also found this awesome red, bedded lamp shade at a rummage sale for only $2.00. It looks perfect on the new red lamp! I'll show it to you tomorrow!
I found this cute tool box at a church rummage sale for $1.00. I did not like the bright yellow nor the Bon Appetit saying on the front, so I painted it with mustard yellow and put a little stain on it.
I also painted a chest of drawers and the end tables red.
Here's another helpful tip. To make it easier to spray paint the handles, just poke holes in a cardboard box...
....and place the screws of the handles in the holes being careful to not make the holes too loose.
Then take it outside and spray paint. This way you get an even coat of paint on them without having them fall over on their sides and getting ruined.
I swear, sometimes I'm kind of like Lucille Ball and I do crazy things such as placing the heavy Singer sewing machine base in our attic to spray paint it!
Well....what's a girl to do? The thing weighs a ton and I could not drag it down the stairs by myself and my hubby was gone. I simply hung drop cloths all over the boxes in the attic and quickly spray-painted it and shut the door. I had fans going and the window open in the rooms upstairs. It worked out great except I got some over spray on the carpet, but they are just old remnants of the carpet and it's no big deal; nobody goes in there but me.
Another funny stunt I pulled was painting this shelf red right on the wall where it was hanging! The reason I did this is that it was very hard to hang and I didn't want to deal with taking it down and rehanging it. I simply slipped the drop cloth behind it and painted it. It worked out fine!
Well, the bonus room is finally coming together, but unfortunately now Hayden's clean room.....
......and the guest room are full of all of the leftovers. It's like a domino effect and I can hardly face it, I will deal with all of this junk later. Oh my goodness, I'm exhausted...will this project ever be done? It feels like it never will be.
Well, at least for now I'm done painting and the bonus room is finally all put together! Come back tomorrow for the big reveal!

"Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper and be satisfied." Proverbs 13:4

Hugs, Sharon


Erin said...

Wow! You really have great vision for what could be. The green hutch looks great! I love the parts you sanded to make it look more worn. In one of the later pictures, it looks like textured glass. Did you put something on the glass to make it look like that? Very cute! I can't wait to see the room all put together.

Mardell said...

It's amaaaaazing! You are so clever, Sharon! You've done alot of painting ~ Wow. Love the green. The pics didn't look like it was too bright, but I love it aged & stained. Can't wait to see what you display inside.

Great deal on the hide-a-beds. YES, they are heavy. Good thing you have strong men in your family!

Can't wait for the big reveal!
TTFN! :o)

Shelley said...

Your new room is going to be the make over.....blessings

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