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Monday, October 15, 2012

New Bonus Room: The Beginning

Our bonus room makeover started a year ago in October of 2011 when our third son, Grayson, moved out (click here to read about that). Here he is packing up his bedroom.
This is what his room looked like before he moved out. It was a nice room, very typical of any teenage boys room, it was warm and comfortable with all his cool stuff displayed. Anyway, at the time he moved out Hayden was living in the big bonus room and we decided that he should move in the smaller room that Grayson left vacant. 
At the time that Grayson moved out, we were just too busy to deal with everything, Hayden was playing football and his team went to State and then in November we took a family vacation to California for a week and then it was Christmastime, so we decided to wait until after the holidays to start all of this. January of 2012, Hayden started moving into the smaller green room. 
First he had to take out the things that he didn't want that Grayson left in the green room and he jammed it all in the bonus room, along with the extra holiday stuff I didn't know what to do with, the drum set, etc. As Hayden moved out, he just took the things that he wanted for his new room. 
The new room is half the size... he only moved in the things that he really wanted.
His room came together very nicely.
I love how he put everything together with his sports things, his old GI Joes up on the shelf and I love that guitar hanging on the wall. I really love it that he has a picture of Jesus in his room too!
Oh, how sweet, there's his old faithful friend since he was tiny....Teddy Boo!
He put together this little bulletin board and put his favorite things up such as his sports letter and varsity pins, pictures of his truck and other cool things....
...but I was so touched when I found this old note I gave him before his State game.
I used to tuck little notes like this in their backpacks, lunches and sports bags. I wanted to encourage my sons and give them scriptures and it always touched my heart when I realized they saved them. These little notes meant a lot to them and it really touches me.
Anyway....his new room is all put together and is comfortable and cool the way he wants it, but........
....this is what remains! Augh!!!! So, I rolled up my sleeves and started this huge task.
But the problem was, it was now February of my son's senior year, which is such a busy time. I was on the Grad Night Committee, which is taking up so much of my time, also, my co-worker went out on maternity leave and I picked up her shift going from working three days a week to four days a week. Ay yi will I do this???
I just worked on it when I had time on my day off. Thank goodness this room is upstairs and has a door we could shut!!! The first thing I did was put things into groups; Save, Goes to a Different Room, Garage Sale, Goodwill and Throw Away.
At the time I was doing this, the Grad Night Committee that I was on was preparing to have a garage sale, so I was able to donate all of these clothes to that event!
I'm making progress!!! You can actually see the floor! As I was cleaning, I came across many things.
Some things that I found made me a little finding a whole bunch of spoons that I was missing and drinking glasses, as well as....
.....finding all of these water bottles a few weeks after my son was saying, "You need to buy water-bottles, Mom, we don't have any." Ai yi yi!
I found Eric's missing needle nose pliers that he has been looking for!
Some things I found made me mad! Like this old gross lolly pop! Yucko!!!
What's this little green thing that is embedded in the carpet???
Oh my's a GI Joe hand-grenade. Seeing all of this stuff takes me down memory lane and brings a tear to my eye.
I found Teddy Sue! This is Teddy Boo's sister! haha!
I also unearthed these funny items. This briefcase was from Halloween of 2004 when Mackenzie dressed up for a costume party as a "Grown Up" and he wore a shirt and tie and slicked his hair back, wore the smart glasses and carried a briefcase!
Mackenzie, Halloween 2004
Oh my gosh, he was soooo funny! I just had to share this great picture!
Oh, it's an old GI Joe homemade parachute. Notice the rock weights and an old tea strainer was used for something! haha! I love all of my boys cute inventions.
Hey...look what I found! It's a box belonging to my niece, Victoria. It's her special small animal toy collection that she left here many years ago and it was long forgotten. I texted her and told them I found them and asked if she still wanted  them and she said, "YES!!!!"
One problem that happens is that as I am emptying one room, I start filling the hallway and....
....the guest room with things that need to go to other places. Most of the items in the guest room are Grayson's things that he is coming over to pick up to take to his new house.
So this is how the room ended up being by summertime.
I got all the garbage and out of it, but we still had to get rid of the bed and a bunch of old computer parts, but we were waiting to find out what Hayden needed to take to college, so we left it like this until he had to move in August.
I am so happy to be making progress, but really, this is just the beginning, so for now, I'm going to take a cue from my kitty and rest a bit!

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." Psalm 51:10

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Oh my! Wow-wow-wow! That was ALOT of work indeed. You've got me on the edge of my seat to see the final reveal! :o)

Love the notes... I put notes in my sons lunch pail (he's in 3rd gr.) My oldest (he's 24) dressed up as Bill Gates in his Senior yr. Same concept ~ suit, brief case, glasses. He handed out fake money. LOL!

Hope you had a nice weekend, Sharon. Fall decorating perhaps?

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