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Friday, October 19, 2012

Last little things.....

I wanted to show you that I really did get all of the residual mess cleaned up from the big bonus room redo like I said I was going to! Hayden's room actually started out nice and clean because he's away at college, but I made it a big mess of it by putting all this extra stuff in there that I didn't know what to do with while I was cleaning the bonus room.
 Well, here it is now! It's all clean and tidy again awaiting for his return from college for Thanksgiving break.
 This was the hallway before....
 ...and this is the after! Much better!!!
 This was the guest room before....
 ...and this is the after! Oh my goodness, I feel so good! I feel like 100 pounds have been lifted off of my shoulders. All of my rooms are clean, no more hidden secrets and stashes of junk! Woot woo!
 As I said before, redoing the bonus room caused a domino effect with my decorating and storage and it inspired me to go through and purge so many things.
 It was overwhelming, but I wanted to do it right and I went through everything!
 I was able to pull things out of the guest room and use them in the bonus room, which left holes in the guest room.
 I was inspired to change things around and get rid of stuff I really didn't like and make this room more feminine and serene. I love this little buggy with the hydrangeas in it.
 This type writer was in this room already, but I put it in the center of this counter and placed this urn filled with hydrangeas next to it.
 I love how it looks.
 I removed a lot of extra things that were just sitting around in there.
 I went through all of the books on the bookshelf.
 I collect old school readers from the 50s and 60s.
 They bring me happiness and joy. I love the vintage pictures of sweet little families.
 I also collect vintage children's pocket story books.  I read many of these stories to my boys and I hope to read them to my grandchildren some day. My collection did get out of control, so I sat down and went through each one and got rid of a lot of them.
 I only saved my very favorite.
 The dormer nook in this room used to be so dark and masculine with a green and burgundy plaid valance and green and white checkered drapes hanging over the attic spaces.
 As I was cleaning the attic, I found these rose patterned drapes and decided to use them in the nook. I wanted a small table next to the window seat, but I didn't have one. For a quick fix, I simply placed a wooden stool there and covered it with extra rose fabric that I had stored away! I think it turned out great!
 What a difference it makes! It's so light and bright and cottagey. I love it!
Now I have another little nook to read my Bible and have my morning devotionals in.

So now I not only have a new bonus room, but I feel like I have a new guest room too! I feel great! Now I'm moving onto the office downstairs! I've got momentum, so I can't stop now! haha!

"For God is not a God of confusion, but of peace." I Corinthians 14:33

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

I would like to live in both rooms please. They are beautiful! I just need you to bring me meals and I will be set. LOL
I love your style and colors.

as always starzie said...

Hi Sharon!
Due to health issues in my house and being gone I've missed reading my favorite blogs! But I'm catching up and I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your room make overs! You've done an amazing job! Down to every tiny detail! Maybe you should contact one of the magazines that feature home projects and enter your room make overs! It just makes me realize how behind I am with projects needed in my house! I just need some of your energy. Maybe you can bottle it and sell it!
Take care. Happy Autumn!

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