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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween at our house!!!

Halloween has taken over at our house! I think it is so fun to decorate for this holiday.
I made a fun black and white display on our entryway table.
Here's a spooky bowl filled with chocolate eyeballs!
I stacked some mystery books together and topped them with a fun black and white pipe.
Oh no, we've been invaded!
Haha! Just a couple of spooky black rats!
I hung this vintage owl cardboard cutout on our curio cabinet on the stairs.
I got this idea from my friend Mary.
I placed my vintage light up pumpkin heads on the stairs. Don't they look cute!
I hung this wonderful antique cardboard garland on the mantle.
Isn't it amazing!
The graphics are fantastic!
I grouped a few things to make this vignette on the hearth. My friend Mary and I found an old paper Halloween tablecloth with cats on a fence in the moonlight from the 60s at a thrift store and we cut it up and framed it. I love it!
This old orange ceramic owl is one of my favorites!
More spooky books..."And then there were none", "Death in the Afternoon", and "The Dark Woods."
On this side we have "The Patriotic Murders" and "A Candle in her Room"
More fun vintage cardboard cut outs that were made to hang in primary classrooms.
These two are friendly and happy, but...
...this cat is a little scary!
Seeing his skeleton is just a little spooky and.....
...his face looks mean, but I love him!!!
In the kitchen I put this fun spider covered candelabra.
In this corner I have some cute cats.
This is how the windowsill turned out this year.
I love all this old stuff!
 This little black puss in boots salt and pepper shakers are perfect for Halloween!
In this corner I have more black cats.
I absolutely love this light up spooky house!
The little ghosts inside seem friendly though!
Here's my favorite thing...a framed picture of my four boys all dressed up for Halloween about 14 years ago.
This little frightened pup is a new addition to my collection this year.
More vintage goodies!
Cute old yarn black cat and some fun candles.
I love the old metal noise makers!
Here's my bookcase decorations.
I love this new decorating area.
I decorated it with white pumpkins and black crows. Isn't the cardboard cat marvelous!
More pumpkins.
These are two very special antique paper-mache pumpkin lanterns.
I found this fun candy dish at an estate sale; it's a front page of a newspaper. I thought it would be adorable with candy corn laying in it! I placed a cute spider votive holder next to it.
I put a few little things in the powder room.
A cute little "Boo" tea towel.
Love the old wise owl!
These chocolate fingers are creepy!
Outside I just added a few Halloween touches to the fall display that I already had out there.
My favorite Trick or Treat sign that my son, Cameron, made.
Love it!
Isn't this little wooden Trick or Treat box cute!
Have a fun, safe and happy Halloween!

" For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” Isaiah 41:13 

Hugs, Sharon


Shelley said...

You have some wonderful decorations and you have displayed them so nicely ..looks like you are ready for a party :) Blessings

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
"Sandy" is pounding us right now! I hope & pray for everyone...this is awful. I love your Halloween decorations ~ it gave me a smile! (I've been pacing & looking out the windows all day.)

The cardboard cutouts are my fave. I've collected them for quite some time now. When you find them, you know you hit the jackpot. You've displayed yours so well. Love the vintage book displays & the cool pipe. Is that an old AVON?

The owls are always my fave. The black & white entry table is so cool. What does MacGuyver (sp?) think of the rats? LOL Pumpkins up the stairs are awesome!

Hugggggs to you!

Rose of Sharon said...

Thank you Shelley!

Mardell...thank you too. Yes, the pipe is Avon. MacGyver doesn't seem to even notice the rats. haha!

You be careful! I hope and pray that the storm passing through with no fanfare! Sending prayers your way!

Sandy said...

Hi, This is my first time here and I love your blog! Everything in your home looks so warm and cozy!!!!! You do a beautiful job decorating for Halloween! I love the mix of new and vintage. :) Please come by and say hello!
Sandy @ 521 Lake Street

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