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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun day with Gray....

 I had a super fun day with my boy, Grayson. He asked me if I would come over and help him decorate his house to make it more warm and comfortable. Of course I said I'd love to, so we made a plan!!! We met at church, which was so much fun. Eric and I met Grayson there and we also saw Mackenzie and Brittany and Cameron and Megan. Mackenzie and Brittany were on the worship team again, and they did awesome! The pastor's message was awesome too!
 After church I jumped in Gray's truck and we headed to his house to get to work.
 He was so sweet.....
 He bought us coffees first!
 Okay, so here's the bachelor pad.
 It's pretty stark and empty.
 It's also very manly!
 Oh, but here's a sweet soft touch....little Layla! Isn't she precious!
 I brought a bunch of accessories to help warm up the place. We walked through the house and he told me what he had in mind, then we sat down and made a list of things that he needed. He needed a new, smaller lazy boy for the living room, he wanted new end tables, he needed a large framed picture for the living room and he wanted a blanket chest.
 We went to the thrift store and we found EVERYTHING on the list at this one store! The Lord blessed us so much! We found many things that were 50% off and he also had a 20% off coupon! Woot woo!!! Score!!!
 We brought everything home and started cleaning it.
 Then we started decorating.
 Here he's hanging a painting done by his great, great grandfather, Clifford Platz.
As we were working, I came across this darling photo of Grayson when he was about 4 years old. What a cutie pie!
 Oh, I forgot to mention, he invited the whole family over for our usual Sunday night dinner & movie night at his place, so we also made dinner. Here he is preparing a rack of ribs to throw on the barbecue. Okay, get ready for the after pictures!
 We didn't do anything to the kitchen except clean it up.
 It looks pretty good in here!
We didn't do anything to this area either. The dining room table belongs to his roommate.
 Isn't this trunk fabulous! It holds all his blankets perfectly! We hung the picture of the praying man that I brought from my house above it. Seeing this picture though, I think we hung it too high.
 I didn't do much to this corner, I just tidied up the bookcase and rearranged a few things.
 Here's the way the living room looks now! Isn't it warm and inviting!
 I love that he has a picture of Jesus!
 We found this amazing lazy boy that matches his couch and loveseat perfectly!
 We also found this great set of oat end tables and matching coffee table. He got the whole set for $35.00!
 This picture was only $15.00! The colors match the room perfectly!
 The family room turned out great too!
 We took the bearskin off the wall and laid it on the back of the sofa. We reused the end tables that were in the living room for the family room.
 We put these cute cabin themed lamps and items on each table.
 They really warmed up the room!
This room looks so much better!  I think we hung the things on the wall too high in here too. Oh well.
 Don't look now, but that bear is staring at you! haha!
 We hung his raccoon and squirrel skins on this wall with an antique fishing basket. Grayson actually did the taxidermy on these!
 He made the muzzleloader from a kit!
 I found these cool beer steins at a garage sale and thought I'd use them in our new bonus room, but didn't, so I passed them along to Gray. They work perfectly on his fireplace mantle!
 We re-worked this bookshelf too. I love the neat room divider with the slants of wood!
 He had some of this cool stuff and I brought some of it from my house. I love how it all came together.
 I brought this neat bear frame, but it needed a picture. He went in his bedroom and brought out this cool old picture of his great grandpa Harry working on a steam donkey back in the 1920s.
 The house is all decorated and clean and we are just waiting for the family to get here!
 Dinner was wonderful, we made barbecue ribs, baked potatoes and green salad.
The family all came and we had a great time together. We watched Zombie Land and had a delicious dinner. Cameron and Megan brought a yummy lemon pudding cheesecake for dessert. They all loved the new decorating touches that Grayson and I made.

We worked hard, but we had fun together and we talked the whole day. I loved spending time with him like this. I had a wonderful time helping my son and it feels so good to know that I helped him make his house feel more like a home.

"Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38

Hugs, Sharon


Erin said...

Looks great! I love the painting done by his great, great grandfather. What a treasure! And that Layla just gets cuter all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon
I really love the cabon themed room. It's still manly but with all those beautiful odds and ends it's now homely. I think it is just amazing that your son wants to create a home. Someone in his life must have taught him the importance of family and home. Remember your boys have not really left home they are just spreading out and creating more homes for your wonderful family.
Bless you

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