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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visiting the farm.....

Earlier in the summer I visited my sister and her family on their farm.
We have done this for years, I go to her house for a few days and then she'll come to my house for a few days some time during the summer. In the beginning we had our tiny babies and now the kids are all grown up. This was my first trip to their house all by myself with no kids. It was kind of sad. Here's Kathi's two oldest kids, Harrison and Victoria.
They were so cute. When I first drove up, they were sitting on Harrison's truck talking. I love Harrison's old truck!
The big news at their home is this new kitten!
They found him crying in a field and they found that his mama had died.
They knew they had to bring him home because he could not survive alone.
He needs to be bottle fed a special kitten formula.
He's actually doing quite well and gaining weight!
They named him Felix. He's so tiny and adorable!
He doesn't know that he's tiny, he thinks he's a big lion! haha!
I arrived late in the day and we had pizza and salad for dinner. Jessica and Victoria made the salad. I didn't take any pictures, but Kathi and her hubby, Stacey, and I had a nice visit over dinner.
The next morning we had our coffee out on the front porch with cute coffee mugs!
We had a nice visit with Harrison.
Later Kathi, Garrett and I went out to lunch.
 Being funny!
I love my nephew! After lunch we went thrifting and found great treasures!
When we got back from thrifting I went outside to watch Victoria and Garrett swim in their creek while Kathi and Stacey went over to their friend's house for dinner (this was planned before we made plans for my visit).
Their place is like a park, it's so gorgeous! They walk up stream and get in the creek....
....and then float down.
There they are!
This is so relaxing! I love it! Victoria came up and sat with me and we had the best visit!
Victoria and Jessica invited a bunch of their friends to come over that night to play flashlight tag. Victoria made a cake for her friends.
What a darling girl she is!
I love this display Kathi has in front of her sink!
While Kathi was gone and the girls were getting ready for their party, Garrett and his friend, Hannah and I took a walk out on the farm.
We went out and said hi to the cows.
A boy on his farm! So cute!
I love cows!
There's something so peaceful about being in the country on a farm near the animals!
Hannah climbed on top of the bales of hay.
I love how Garrett is holding onto the gate with his feet!
Me and Garrett.
I love this picture!
The onion blooms!
King of the hill!
Garrett showed me the hole he was digging out in the garden!
What's a farm without chickens?
Garrett's checking to see if there are any fresh eggs.
Yes indeed!
He found four fresh eggs!
Table for two!
Time to feed the fish!
Isn't this the cutest fish pond!
We walked all over the property and went under this bridge.
Garrett said he finds lots of neat old treasures under here!
Their place is so peaceful!
And so beautiful!
I love coming here!
Hannah found a hen & chick plant that is having babies!
Home sweet home!
It's getting dark and time to go inside. What a lovely time I had on the farm.
The best part is visiting with my sister and her beautiful family!

"I thank my God every time I remember you." Philippians 1:3

Hugs, Sharon


Mrs.Rabe said...

They do have a beautiful farm! Glad you could go and relax.


Anonymous said...

Sharon your sister's farm looks beautiful. Looks like you had a great time visiting. I am not so sure I could have left such a peaceful looking place.
Thanks for sharing.

Mardell said...

How beautiful! Kathi & Stacey's home is so inviting. I'm glad you enjoyed & took lots of lovely pictures. I bet it's really gorgeous in the Fall! Didn't you used to pick apples there?

Mardell said...

Eeek, I forgot to mention how adorable Felix is! Aaaaawwwww! Poor mommy. :o( He's going to be spoiled indeed.

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