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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Utah: Day two!

Good morning from Utah!!!
And what a glorious morning it is!!!
The guys went golfing so Rhochelle and I took a little walk around the neighborhood.
The homes were gorgeous.
The neighborhood is right on a golf course and it was so beautiful. We had a lovely walk.
We got back home and put on fun dresses and all four of us went downtown again to check out the "Silly Market" and have lunch.
When we got there we noticed that the street was blocked off and people were drawing signs with chalk all over the street.
Then we saw this big stage and saw a couple of news cameras around. We asked around and found out that it was the end of the Tour of Utah bike race. It's a five day race covering 409 miles of rugged terrain. We just happened to stumble upon this amazing race and we got there at about 2:00 and the bicyclists were expected to cross the finish line at 3:45, we could believe our perfect timing!
We stopped for a wonderful lunch and had some special drinks.
Rochelle's matches her dress perfectly! She's so cute!
The guys are hungry!
We had fun walking around and shopping. All the sudden we heard a helicopter and we realized the bikers were coming in. We walked down there quickly and got to see them coming in.
This was pretty exciting!
We missed seeing the winner come in, but we saw the top 10 come in, it was awesome!
We went up on a footbridge and could see more of the action.
We couldn't believe our good luck by being there at this exciting time!
On the way back to the car we noticed this fun tree....look closely, there are shoes all over it!
When we got back home the guys started preparing the tuna that Eric had caught the week before. He sealed it and froze it and we brought it with us. We heard about this fabulous new recipe from friends back home and wanted to try it.
It has wasabi powder in it and you roll it in sesame seeds and let it marinade.
We decided to head down to the pool to cool off and relax while the tuna was marinating.
Now this is the life!
The guys are enjoying the view as they are preparing the briquettes for the barbecue.
My true love!
Mike and Rhochelle!
Haha! There was a rack missing on the barbecue and the charcoal was not getting sufficient air, so the guys caused their own air! haha! We were having so much fun!
I'm telling ya....this is the life!
Mmmm! The Tuna's done!
Rochelle and I set the table.
Oh, what a delicious meal we had, barbecued tuna, corn on the cob, garlic bread and cantaloupe. Fabulous!
A little reading and light conversation before bed....what a perfect way to end this fabulous day!

"The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you by his love; He will exult over you with loud singing." Zephaniah 3:17

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

Rose of Sharon said...

Dear Joann,

Thank you for your nice comment! We had a great trip! To answer your question, we had a "pet sitter" and our neighbor came over to walk the dog and feed her and the cat as well as water our garden. It worked out great. In the past we have had house sitters as well who did all of that.

Take care, Sharon

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