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Monday, September 10, 2012

Our first Shish Kabobs!

I have NEVER made shish kabobs! Can you believe it?!! I decided it's high time to try them, so I made them the other night for Eric and I.
We decided that morning to make them, but we did not own any skewers, so what's a girl to do? I was forced to go to the thrift stores and look for some! haha! I was very happy when I found this set of eight good quality skewers for only $1.99! I came home and cleaned and sanitized them.
We used zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and onions from the garden and I bought some mushrooms.
Eric defrosted and chopped up some round steak that we had in the freezer from my sister's beef.
We marinated the steak in this yummy sauce for about a half hour. It's Kikkoman's Roasted Garlic and Herbs marinade and it's delicious!
I chopped all the veggies and set up an assembly line.
It was easy, I just alternately threaded the meat and vegetables on the skewers.
My hubby doesn't like mushrooms, so I was careful to not add those to all of them.
They turned out so pretty and colorful!
Then Eric placed them on the barbecue.
He grilled them for about ten to twelve minutes, rotating them about every four minutes.
Looking good!
The cook is looking good too! :0)
It was a fun date night. Eric asked me if I'd like to have one of his homemade beers with him and come out and visit with him while he barbecued. Blondie joined us! It was really fun and romantic; it reminded me so much of when we were newlyweds!
They look like they're done!
They turned out amazing!
We had a fabulous dinner! I am starting to really enjoy this empty nest business!

"When times are good, be happy." Ecclesiastes 7:14a

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy , you will settle into the empty nest business quite nicely I am sure lol . Donna

Mardell said...

Mmmm! I've never made/had shishkabobs either! Yours look fantastic. (I'm w/Eric ~ no mushrooms for me.) LOL

The home brewed beer ~ wondered how he made out w/that. Looks like he did OK! :o)

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