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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grayson's house....

Last week I stopped by my son Grayson's house for a little visit.
He was out working in the garage. My he reminds me of his father!
He was fixing his roommate's bicycle so she could take Grayson's dog, Layla, for a run.
 But the big project he's been working on is installing a new motor into his Jeep.
He's such a smart and creative guy. He bought an old 1980s Mercedes Benz for pretty cheap and took the diesel motor out of it. Here's a picture of the motor.
Then he took the old motor out of the Jeep and will replace it with the diesel. It will be more economical and fuel efficient. It looks like a big, hard, scary project to me, but to him it's a fun hobby and pastime!
This is the only picture I got of Trevi. She's one of his roommates, the other is Stephen. Trevi and Grayson are just friends and the whole set up works great for all three of them.
The bike's all ready to go!

His place is so cute and pretty neat and tidy!
Inside it's looking realy cozy and cheery.
It's much more homey than it was when he first moved in.
He laughed later when he saw these pictures and said, "Oh my gosh, with those overalls, I look like a redneck!" haha! We laughed!
I love his yard. He has the greenest grass in the neighborhood.
They use a wood-burning stove to keep warm in the winter, so he chopped all that firewood for the winter.
That's a ton of wood representing a ton of work! He is in the process of making a wood shed for it out in the backyard, so for now it's in a big pile in the front. He recently made this carport area and fenced and gated the backyard.
His flower beds are all weeded and he has really pretty flowers planted.
It's such a cute place!
I love the bricks on the front of the house and this cute stone flowerbed around the tree.
I love how neat and tidy it looks. It's hard to believe that he's accomplished all of this and he's only 21 years old!
He's such a cutie. He's hard working, smart, responsible, funny, sweet, he loves God, he loves his dog and it's hard for me to believe he's single! I know the Lord will bring him the perfect girl soon! I'm so proud of my son!!!

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord; they are a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Grayson's home is beautiful. He's settled in nicely I see. The roommates help w/the house payments, no doubt. (Rent) A win-win situation for them all. Love the flowers & landscaping. Yes, quite an accomplishment for a 21 yr. old! :o) Proud mama!

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