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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Football fever begins!!!!

We went to Hayden's first football game Thursday night. It was so exciting!!!! We have not seen our boy for 25 days since he left for college and we have missed him so much. As soon as we got there the team was heading out to the field to warm up before the game. There's so many many jerseys...where's #32? Will I ever spot my son?
Oh my gosh!!! There he is coming up the ramp!
Wow! This is our first glimpse of our son in a college football uniform!
We didn't dare say hi to him, every thing is too new and we don't want to break protocol or embarrass Hayden. We made eye contact though!
Once we were in the stadium, we just couldn't believe it. This is the big time!!!
The team is huge! There's over 150 guys on the team!
There's a sea of red uniforms.
I searched and searched and finally found him!
There he is, #32!!!
I'm so proud of him!
Hey, he's looking into the stands, I think he's looking for us!
This is what we saw the rest of the game.
Hayden watching the game from the sideline.
That's okay, we are so excited to be here and we know his day will come.
Grayson showed up later and watched the second half with us. It was so nice to sit and visit with him too. The Boxers lost 51 to 14....ouch! Well, we need to remember that this team is still building, this is only their first season back after a twenty year hiatus.
We finally spotted Hayden after the game!
He seemed really happy to see us!
He looks great in his new uniform!
I'm so proud!
We're all proud!
What a neat night we had!
Cute kid!
He's heading back to the locker room.
We met him a little bit later at our car outside his dorm. We brought him a bunch of stuff from home that he wanted.
I'm so proud of my boys!
As we walked through the halls of the dorm, so many kids said hi to him. I'm so glad that he's made lots of friends already.
Home sweet home! Two guys share this room with him.
This is his desk area.
He seems right at home here. He gets along with his roommates and he's very comfortable. He says they have movie hang out nights in their room with other kids.
I cannot tell you how good it was to see him again after almost a month! It feels so wonderful to actually see where he's been sleeping and know that he's doing very well.
Haha.....Eric's giving him some cash for food. Nothing's changed! haha! We said our good-byes and we look forward to seeing him at the next game. It was a great night!!!!
The next day I saw this post on Facebook. It made me tear up. Grayson wrote, "I went to my little brother's first college football game last night and found out that my brother is way cooler than me. Hayden, I'm very proud of you man. But you're still a goofnugget." This touched my heart so much. I am so happy that my boys are friends. All of my sons are friends with each other and very proud of each other and this makes my heart sing. I feel so blessed.

Below is the whole team chanting before the big game. Hayden is in there somewhere. What a neat moment it was for all of us!

I'm so thankful to God for answering Hayden's prayer and allowing him to play college football at Pacific!

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Jeremiah 33:3

Hugs, Sharon

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Suzanne said...

How exciting for Hayden and for you!!! I've enjoyed reading your posts about him this year. So many emotions. As a mom to one son, I truly understand!! I can't wait to read more about his college football days!!

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