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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Umpqua: Roaring rapids~ roaring fun!

We've been floating the river all day and now we need to get through another set of very dangerous rapids.
This set is called Smith Ferry rapids and they also are a class III. These rapids scare me more than the first set because they are so much longer. Believe me when I say that I am calling out to the Lord for protection over my husband and sons as they row through them.  Eric went first and got through wonderfully.
Here comes Grayson.
He got through just fine too!!!
Here comes Mackenzie, but he got turned around and is heading down backwards!
Whew...he corrected himself.
Oh my gosh, Brittany and I were watching and praying so hard! It was scary to watch.
He then got turned 'round again, but he made it through safely. His new nick name is 360! Thank you Lord so much for protecting him! Wow! Thank you Lord for protecting all of them.
My four handsome sons!
The gym is that way! hahaha!
Mackenzie and Brittany ready to take a leap of faith!
Woot woo!!!
Hayden doing a gainer!
Cameron doing a cartwheel dive!
Grayson doing a back flip!
Cameron doing a "Peter Dive"!
Cameron and Megan doing the "Unicorn Drop"!
Mackenzie and Brittany! Haha...look at Grayson's face in the background!
Cameron and Megan!
Hahahaha! Mackenzie's waving good-bye!
Mackenzie and Brittany!
Me and my love!
Sweet move Gray!
Grayson and Blondie going in together!
Fabulous move Brittany!
I love Layla's little spirit! She's Woderdog!!!
A band of brothers!
It's hard work climbing out of the water!
Okay, enough fun, we need to get back on the water and get back to the boat ramp. They tied all the boats back together and Eric used the motor to get us down quickly.
This river is so beautiful!
It's so hot!
It's so relaxing!
Love it!!!
We got so hot and so much sun that I finally got a towel wet and covered my legs!
We finally made it to the boat ramp. Brittany looks so cute in this photo!
Grayson backed his big truck down to get his boat.
Everyone helps at the boat ramp.
I love this picture. Look how cute Mackenzie and Brittany are.
Here comes Eric with the truck.
I'm proud of my sons for being such men. Eric taught them well and they know exactly what to do.
They like to goof around too while waiting for the next truck!
Grayson was standing there guiding Eric down the boat ramp while the other boys were floating the little rapids behind him.
No fair, he wants to play too! haha!
This looks so funny!
Getting the last boat in.
Our little trip is over. What a blessed, wonderful, fun, family time we had together. I am so very thankful for the great time we had and all the memories we made. I'm thankful that the Lord had His hand of protection over us. 

"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee." Isaiah 43:2

Hugs, Sharon

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon, from another Sharon. Your latest post really spoke to me.
I love the mug too! LOL

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