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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Umpqua: Relaxing on the River!

Eric and I are so blessed with our family! We had such a great weekend with all of our kids camping on the beautiful Umpqua River.
We swam all day and had so much fun. Here's Grayson with his new puppy, Layla. He wants to gently introduce her to the water so she will love it and be a water dog. So far, so good!
This is such a cute picture! He really loves his dog!
I love this picture! Brittany is rubbing sunscreen on Mackenzie's back. Doesn't she have beautiful legs!
Cameron and Megan relaxing in the shade!
Blondie's relaxing in the water!
I am thoroughly enjoying this time with my family!
The kids were all beat from swimming so much and being in the sun so much. Everyone gathered under the tent while Eric was fishing.
Haha, four of them fell asleep where they sat! Here's Brittany and Cameron...
...and Grayson!
Hayden's chilling out with Layla.
Me and my daughter-in-love!
The pooch's were anxious to go get that stick!
Time for a late afternoon swim!
They were having so much fun!
I never got in the water with them...some how over the past few years I got old and I don't like to do that anymore!
Here's some bathing beauties! Aren't they cute!
Happily married, Mackenzie and Brittany!
Cameron and Megan started shooting rocks across the river with the sling shot.
I love how these pictures turned out with the setting sun behind them.
Very cool!
Grayson taking a nap in the water!
It was getting late, time to head back up to camp to make a fire and grab some dinner.
Usually we have a big feast and fry up all the fish that we caught for the day, but no one really was that into it, so we didn't do it this year. We just ate whatever was in the cooler. It was really nice.
I love these times with my family!
We couldn't find Layla for a minute and then we spotted her. She was so wiped out from all the swimming, she found her bed and put herself to bed!
Grayson thought that was so precious and he went over to hug and love on her!
Here's my bedhead on morning two. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! hahaha!
Good morning gang!!!
Megan wearing her Harry Potter Snuggy! haha! Priceless!
Time to pack up and get back on the river!
It's a long walk from the camp to the boats, especially when you're carrying a heavy cooler!
Camping is so good for families.
You work hard together, but you also play hard. Everyone contributes and is part of the unit!
We left the campground in perfect condition, just as we found it. This has been a great spot!!!
It's so nice to be back on the water!
My handsome boy!
It looks like it's going to be another hot day on the river!
It looks like it's going to be another fun day on the river!!!
Now this is the life!
Eric got a nice one!
Here we are at the first set of rapids. They're called Bradford's rapids and they are a level III and they can be very dangerous. Eric and the boys always get out to scout them and pick the best route to go through them. I'm thankful that my husband has taught our sons to be respectful of the river! I always pray the whole time we are on these trips, but especially when we go through the rapids.
My handsome boys!!! I'm so proud of every one of them!
Here comes Eric! Good luck honey!
Whew! He got through just fine!
Here comes Grayson and Cameron.
And here comes Mackenzie. Praise the Lord, all of them got through perfectly!
Now time for some fun!!!
Water fight!!!!
Megan caught her first fish!!! Yea!!! What a great morning we've had on the river. Come back tomorrow for more! 

"Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart." John 7:38

Hugs, Sharon

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