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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Umpqua: Frolic and Fun!

We were camping on the river and after breakfast we all went down to the river bank to swim and relax. The kids are all walking up river here to go swimming and float down the river back to camp.
They were having so much fun!
It's so beautiful here!
Our home away from home!
So much frolicking and fun!
So much relaxing!!!
Eric's doing a little fishing.
I love this picture of our boats shored up.
The boys hollered at us that they found a sunken boat!
So Eric and I jumped in the boat and rowed over to where they were.
Wow, it looks pretty big!
Pretty cool huh! It's just the remains of what used to be a boat. I sure hope no one was hurt when it sank. More than likely it was one along the river and when a rain storm came and the river level went up the boat was carried away.
It was so funny that Blondie got inside and sat in it like she does our boats! haha!
Eric did some more fishing.
He got one!
I cannot tell you how relaxing this is!
We're having so much fun!
I like this picture of me.
My amazing family!
Grayson relaxing a bit after a swim.
Eric and Cameron relaxing in the water in the shade.
Hayden's checking out Cameron's new tattoo.
So much fun!
Beautiful Brittany relaxing!
Uh, oh...Eric's pack'n!
Get your hands up!
What a cool shot of the water!
Water fight!
Mackenzie snuck around the back to sneak up on Eric.
This means war!
I'm not so sure this was a good idea Mackenzie, you're unarmed! Haha! This was so much fun. I love hanging out with my family like this with nothing to do but relax and have fun!

"There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil." Ecclesiastes 2:24

Hugs, Sharon

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