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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

After breakfast we all walked down a few blocks to main street to watch the parade.
It was perfect weather! Here's Cameron and Megan.
Mackenzie and Brittany.
Grayson, Lala and Hayden.
Me and my hubby!
Eric and me with my Daddy!
I love it that the Cub Scouts always start the parade!
Uncle Sam!
They were handing out million dollar bills! haha!
I love this!!! It's Sally and she's 100 years old! This lady deserves her very own parade! Isn't she cute!
There were so many people there!
These mules are beautiful!
What's a parade without a princess? This is one of Hayden's friends from the high school.
My Dad and Cameron were having fun.
This parade is so old fashioned and very patriotic!!!
Our small town parade is just not complete without the combines!
Lala loved it.
The high school marching band!
I love the old cars.
This old firetruck is so cool!
I love this photo! Uncle Sam came walking down the street asking everyone if there were any veterans in the crowd. I said, "Yes, my father, right here" and he walked over and shook his hand. I thought it was really nice!
Rodeo princesses!
This is the float from the clinic where I work.
Everyone seemed to be having so much fun!
This is Sarah and her two boys Christian and Carlos.
Nurse Practitioner Michele seems to be making fun of Dr. Jim's legs! haha!
Well, that's it for the parade. Now everyone walks over to the park for the big celebration. My Dad had to go home, so the boys are saying goodbye to him. I love this picture of Hayden hugging his grandpa.
There's a band playing music, tons of food booths and other vendors.
Everyone from town is there.
There's Cameron and Megan talking to old friends.
Eric and Grayson ran into Gray's friend, Garrett. We didn't stay too long this year. We headed home and everyone went different directions. Mackenzie and Brittany and all of their friends went to the lake, Cameron and Megan stayed at the house and hung out with Eric and I. Grayson hung with us for awhile and then he went to some barbecues and Hayden was with us for a bit and then he had to go to work.
That evening we all came together again and had barbecued hamburgers and salads. I saw this idea on Pinterest and Brittany's friend, Natalie made them. You just thinly slice watermelon and use a star-shaped cookie cutter. So easy and so cute!
We had a nice dinner with everyone.
Cameron picked fresh cherries off of our cherry tree and even pitted them for me. Then Brittany made this beautiful cherry cobbler!
Oh my gosh! It was soooo good! How do you like my cute cherry dishes!!!
It's getting dark!!!
Time for fireworks!!!! (and stilts, apparently!!!)
We got lawn chairs and blankets and had our own show.
We also could see the big fireworks down at the high school from our house.
Mackenzie was really great and he helped all the little kids light fireworks in the street.
It was so cute to watch them get so excited!
It was really fun watching them through the eyes of a child again!
We had a pretty good show!
Lala was hysterical! She was barking at the fireworks and being aggressive towards them, but then she'd get scared and back away, she was so cute!
We had a wonderful old fashioned, family filled 4th of July! I hope all of you did too!

God Bless America!

"I run in the path of Your command, for You have set my heart free." Psalm 119:32

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
Wow, what a wonderful celebration you had. I really enjoyed this post! Love the pic of Uncle Sam shaking your Father's hand. And your beautiful RW&B outfit. My mom does the same thing! (She's 76) What's a party without stilts? LOL Cute watermelon stars. Love the cherry plates & I bet the cobbler was deelish.

Now is Megan an old friend/GF of Cameron's? She's very cute! :o)
And why weren't you in the parade with your work? Looks like they were having a blast!

Sue said...

Enjoyed your 4th of July celebration, Sharon. You know i really loved the tractors in the parade. ~smile~
You absolutely have a wonderful family and life, I can just imagine what will happen in the future when all of your boys marry, and the grandchildren begin to come into your family,you and Eric get to love, and spoil them! Absolutely no words can describe this!
Thanks for taking the time to visit me and for taking the time to comment.

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