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Monday, July 2, 2012

A day with my Daddy!

On my Daddy's 83rd birthday I picked him up to spend the day together.
We started by going out for breakfast. I told the waitress that it was his birthday and she gave him a free piece of pie! He was full, so we took it to go. I started thinking about it and I decided to order a piece too so that we could eat them together later.
We really didn't have anything planned. I offered to take him anywhere he wanted and he wanted to go to the cemetery where his parents were buried. He usually goes up there every year on Memorial Day to pay his respects and he missed it this year, so I was very happy to do this for him.
My Daddy's health has declined a lot over the past couple of years with a stroke and heart problems, and this has greatly effected his energy level, which has made him sad. He has always been a very busy person with lots of plans and activities, and tons of energy. I feel bad for him and pray that the Lord will heal him.
Even with his health issues, he's pretty spry for an 83 year old!
He walked right up to his parents grave marker.
 Here lies Harry and Ethel. May they rest in peace.
We were saddened and ashamed by the condition of the grave maker.
We are going to go back up there with some scrub-brushes and clean them up and take some flowers.
 Harry Elliot April 24, 1885 ~ May 10, 1976. He died at age 91.
 Ethel Irene April 18, 1894 ~ May 16, 1982. She died at age 88. I find it interesting that they were both born in April and they both died in May.
 There's so much moss/fungus growing on it you cannot read their wedding date, but they were married on August 2, 1920. They were married for nearly 56 years when Grandpa died. They had 9 children and had a blessed life.
Grandpa was a believer in the Lord, but did not go to church or talk to the kids about God. Grandma raised all nine of those kids to be God-fearing and God-loving people. How did she do it? I would love to sit and talk with her now. I also learned on this day with my Daddy that Grandma Ethel was a first generation Christian. She got saved when she was a teenager when a neighbor invited her to church. She then witnessed to her siblings whom all became saved.
 My Dad's brother and his wife are also buried here and we paid our respects to them. Lawrence and Sylvia. He died in 1999 at the age of 75. He served in the US Army in World War II. Sylvia died in 2001 also at the age of 75. Her marker says, "Loving wife and Mother." What a wonderful tribute.
I had a blanket in the car, so we found a nice shady spot to sit and visit and eat our pie.
We had a great conversation about life.
I asked Daddy what he would change in his life if he could. He told me he wished he didn't work so much overtime all those years ago when we were little kids. He worked 50 to 60 hours a week, 6 days a week. He feels like he missed a lot of us growing up. He says that he wishes that they did more family get aways like my husband and I do with our kids.
I reassured him that he was definitely a presence in my childhood, life and memories. I do not feel resentment at all that he worked so much. I reminded him that Mom did not work and because he worked hard all those years, he put a roof over our head and we had everything we needed with food, clothing, medical care, etc.
I told him that I don't even remember that he was always at work. I have so many memories of being with him around the house, in the garage/shop and in the yard. He also took us to church every week, took us out to restaurants and also took us to places from his childhood, i.e.; the mountains and woods, swimming holes, covered bridges, etc. We also had special family days of going to the coast, Silver Creek Falls, Crater Lake or other day trips to beautiful places in Oregon.
I then asked him what he felt he did right with his life. He said he feels good knowing that he had us kids in church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday nights.
He said he is also very proud that he did work hard all of those years at a  nonunion job and supported and raised his family. It's interesting to me that his job was both on both of his lists.

I told him he did so many things right. We had a good life. We really did! I always felt safe and loved in our home. We had a cozy home with a meal on the table every night. I witnessed my parents loving each other and loving us kids. Above all though, I told him that the best gift he gave me was to pass on his love for the Lord. He not only took us to church, but he read his Bible every day and had neat conversations with me about God. He didn't just talk about Christianity, but he LIVED it. He was always so kind and gentle and so helpful to those in need.

Well, the pie's all gone and it's time to head back home.
 I want to take my Dad on more outings like this and have all of my boys with me so they can hear his stories.
I have been so blessed by my loving father.
I had such a wonderful time with my Daddy. It was such a simple day, but it was so meaningful to me.

"Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God." Philippians 1:3

Hugs, Sharon


Anna said...

What a wonderful time you must have had. Cherish your time, I know that you do.

My daddy is living with me and my momma is going in a nursing home due to alzheimers and I can't care for her anymore. I am enjoying having my dad here but it is hard watching my mom decline so fast.

Have an awesome day and thank you for sharing your outing with your sweet daddy.

Mrs.Rabe said...

This is the most beautiful, honoring post, Sharon!

Thank you for sharing it with us!


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