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Monday, July 30, 2012

College registration....

Was is this kid smiling?
Especially at 6:41am on a Saturday morning?
It's because Eric and I are taking him to register for college!
He has a lot of paperwork to go through to get all registered.
This is a very big day for us!
Out of four sons, our older two went to college, but they lived at home for the first years and then moved out and the third son got an internship and bypassed college; he went right to work and moved out of the house later. All three older boys lived at home at least until they were 21.
Hayden is the first one to leave our nest fresh out of high school at such a young age. This will be a big transition for Eric and I, as well as Hayden, especially because he's moving out of town.
Not only is he going to be living on campus, but campus is a couple of hours away from home. Even though this will be a big transition, it is a very good one and an answer to prayer! He's going to an amazing college and he gets to play football and run track!!!!We are all really excited about it.

I know that I will miss Hayden a lot and I know that by him leaving it will trigger my empty nest sadness. It's been hitting me a lot lately off and on and it's really hard. I am really hoping and praying that I will not take a nosedive into a sad sea of depression over this. I am praying a lot about it. Oops, I got sidetracked, this post is not about me and my empty nest, it's about registering Hayden for college!
Here he is standing in front of one of the dorms, which will be his new home in a few weeks.
We had a nice time walking all over campus again. Hayden had to go meet with his counselor and Eric and I went to a seminar from the financial aid department.
Haha, I already posted this picture a few weeks ago, but it's so funny and worth reposting! Hayden got caught looking at a girl when he was supposed to be signing up for a workshop!
We had a little bit of time to spare before he was to meet up with his football coaches, so we walked downtown, which is across the street from campus, to the college bookstore. They told us that everything he needs is within walking distance from campus and he doesn't really even need a bike! We are so happy that he will be in such a cute little town. I love this cute little old theater.
We were a little lost in the book store.
There are so many to choose from.
And the prices are crazy!!!! New $263.65 for one chemistry book! That's ridiculous. Used isn't much better at $197.75. Now they have Rent an eBook for $127.00. They have a monopoly on us, we have no choice but to pay these crazy prices, it's just the way it is and it always has been for all college kids across America.
Hayden finally got some assistance and we found out all the books that are required.
Unfortunately, they were out of the ones he needs, so he will order them on line.
Eric and Hayden bought some t-shirts and hats. I bought one of these cute Mom mugs.
He had to go to the Campus Security office to get his ID card. I love it that the college uses old houses surrounding the campus as offices.
He got his picture taken for his ID card.
After that we went back to the main courtyard where they served a wonderful lunch to all the incoming freshmen and their parents. We also met up with several of his football coaches visited with them for a bit and Hayden met some of the other football players.
After that we went out to look at the football field one more time. We stopped by and looked at the football trophy case.
It was fun to see all the old trophies, awards and other memorabilia. Maybe someday Hayden's name will be on a plaque in this case!
We walked out to the football field through the player's tunnel.
There he is out on the football field.
It's turf, so this will be new to him, he's used to playing on real grass.
It's hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks this will be his new home and he will be practicing on this very field. We will be taking him to college in a matter of days and after that the next time we see him will be right here on this field at the end of August at his first game. We sure hope that he will get to play!!!

Wow, this is really sinking in, when he leaves, Eric and I will have an empty nest. It's going to be a huge transition for us. I sure hope that I will go through it gracefully full of hope and joy and not be sad about it. I pray for Hayden on his new venture that the Lord will bless him and keep him and that Hayden will glorify God!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

Hugs, Sharon

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