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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bag Lady treasures!!!!

My Bag Lady girlfriends and I had so much fun on our annual girls get away weekend. One of the major things we did was shop at thrift stores and garage sales. Today I wanted to show you some of the treasures that I found on top of all the cute clothes I bought.
I brought home a lot of wonderful things!!!
I love this old golden cast iron jewelry box. I only paid a dollar for it! It will go perfectly on my dresser and hold my jewelry.
I found this awesome silhouette picture for .25 cents. The man at the thrift store said it has an interesting history. He was told that it came from a Hollywood studio and was used as a prop in many movies! How fun is that! It's obviously damaged, but I am going to mess around and try to get the perfect shade paint/stain to repair it. I love it.
I found several gorgeous china plates.
Isn't this cherry plate beautiful! I think I will hang it on the wall in my kitchen.
Found this cute bunny for .50 cents. He'll be perfect for an Easter decoration.
I love this Victorian statute of a little boy made of soap stone. I paid $4.99 for him. I will probably place him in the living room or my bedroom.
I found these very cool and very heavy wrought iron book ends at a garage sale. I paid $5.00 for the set and found the original tag on the bottom asking $60.00 for the set! Score!
I found these two cool wood cut out signs. One says "Bistro"....
...and the other says, "Amore". They were asking $4.00 a piece, but everything was 50% off, so I only paid two bucks a piece!!!
My name is Sharon and I'm a coffee cup-aholic! Yes, I found several mugs. I admit it, I do have a problem, but I love them all and will use them! I usually pay just .25 to .50 cents for them and never pay over $1.00 for a mug. Several of them will get packed away for holidays. I found mugs for  St. Patty's Day, Christmas, 4th of July and Thanksgiving.
I love this sweet family potluck picture. I can't decide if it's more summery or fallish. It actually looks like an Indian Summer, so think I'll use it in September.
I love this one and will probably have it out on display on a shelf in the dining room.
I found a couple more 4th of July mugs and this cute flag silverware holder. These will be perfect for our 4th of July breakfast!
Here's a fun vintagey tin depicting a festive Christmas scene. It was only .50 cents.
I love this wise old owl. I'm not sure if I will feel like decorating for back to school this year since our kids are all done, but I might do it for grandkids someday. I just couldnt' resist this cutie for .25 cents!
I love these two gentlemen dogs. The black one is actually a bar of soap! I love him. From a distance he looks like he's made of cast iron. The ceramic one was .25 cents and the soap one was .50 cents.
Vintage chickens! My favorite!!!
Can't explain it....just love him and couldn't resist, especially for .50 cents!
Love this vintage creamer! It's in perfect condition and I only paid $1.00 for it. It will definitely cheer up my morning coffee!
I have a small collection of vintage compacts.
It's always exciting to find them with the powder puff inside and even some powder left! This one is really pretty and only cost $1.00!
This lamp is so cute and was only $5.00! I think I'll put it in our bonus room when I redecorate it.
Another fun dog. He's a pooped Scottie dog taking a nap. He's really old and cool and survived an earthquake from an antique dealers shop down in California. The family of the antique shop owner was selling all the damaged goods for only $1.00 a piece. I don't mind that he has a few chips, I think he's fabulous and he already has a home in the living room.
I found two more framed needlepoint florals. I am always thrilled to find these, especially when they are cheap!!! The large one was only $3.00 and the smaller one was only $1.00!!!
I found some wonderful books too!!! I found devotional books, cook books, home and garden books and even a massage book, but.....
...this is my big thrill of the whole weekend! It's a vintage cookbook called Clementine in the Kitchen. My sister Kathi has this same book and I have coveted it for a long time!!! haha! I was so thrilled when I found it for $1.00. It has a little water damage, but I don't care!!!
I had such a wonderful time thrifting with my girlfriends. We all found many treasures, but the biggest treasure is our friendship!!!

"One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple." Psalm 27:4

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend Sharon , love all the treasures too. Donna

Shelley said...

Great finds...I can imagine all the fun you girls must of had....blessings

as always starzie said...

Wow Sharon! I love everything you found! Such great finds! Have fun and enjoy all of them!
Take care.

Sue said...

This explains why the back of the car was packed to the brim, and why you ladies decided to only take what you were wearing. ~smile~ You always find the neatest treasures, Sharon, I have gone to all of ours around here and never find anything worth bringing home.
Thanks for sharing,
Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, your bag ladies weekend sounds like a blast! I love all the treasures you found. I have a question and not trying to be nosy or offend..when you bring in new treasures do you part with old treasures? I can't believe what you find! I have to try my hand at thrift shopping soon.


Rose of Sharon said...

Thanks everyone! It was so much fun!

Bren, yes and no. If I can find a home for my new treasure in my house, than it's great, but if I don't have a home, I will get rid of something older that I'm tired of and make room for the new thing. Usually I do have room, but my house is getting more and more crowded! I am very aware of the "hoarding" syndrome and I do not want to become one. I like my house really clean and organized, so I don't think I will; however, I do really like the cluttered/cottage look, but I prefer controlled clutter! Haha! Thank you for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon, I to love the look of your home from your has such a cozy feel! I think my husband would roll his eyes if I came in with all those treasures. He is the type of guy who thinks 1 pair of black shoes is enough for a woman, but yet his shop, garage, storage shed, etc begs to differ ;)
Thanks for sharing...I love your blog!

stephanie said...

Hey there

Your bistro sign - might ask if there is a maker name on this? I have been searching for over a year for this exact sign for my husband. I can't find them anywhere :(

thanks for the help!

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