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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bag Ladie's Survival Island 2012!!!!

My girlfriends and I are nuts! We planned our annual trip to Sunriver for a fun girls get-away and we crazily decided to have Bag Ladies' Survivor. Meaning we are going only with the clothes on our backs (plus undergarments) and the ultimate challenge is to shop and buy the rest of our outfits at thrift stores over in Sunriver! Oh my gosh, I think I'll get voted off the Island!
This is the outfit I decided to wear; these are my survior clothes! Hopefully I will be able to find some new outfits for the rest of the trip! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my girlfriends. I hear them now at the door!!!!
What a pleasant drive we had to our destination! We stopped for coffee and had a great time catching up! When we got to the Goodwill, we quickly drew names for a mug gift exchange. We started this last year, we draw names and buy a mug for the gal that we get for her to use all weekend and to take home as a keepsake!
We shopped for about an hour and took our annual picture in front of the Goodwill with all of our treasures!
We went to a couple more thrift stores. Here's Eileen looking for something special.
Gail and Kathleen are having fun hunting for an outfit to wear tomorrow! haha!
Virginia and Eileen are trying on clothes.
Laurie, Brenda and I are loving our shopping time together!
After shopping we went to a fun brewery for dinner.
Another tradition we have is that we all look for a wine glass to purchase and use all weekend long and then take it home as a keepsake. Aren't they pretty!
After we got all settled in our house, we all got in our jammies and had "show and tell" and we showed everyone our great bargains that we found at the thrift stores.
It's so much fun to see what everyone got!
Brenda found this adorable outfit with a darling floral feminine skirt, a hot pink peasant top with matching hot pink sandals!
The next day we slept in and had a lovely breakfast prepared by Virginia. Later on she made a pie. I love this picture of Gail laughing and visiting with the girls.
She made a coconut cream pie.
Isn't this gorgeous! It tasted delicious too!
We just hung out at the house and had a lazy day.
This is what I really needed after my hectic year so far!
Do you see that little splash of color on my ankle?
I got a tattoo!!! haha! Don't worry, it's just a rub on. We all got them.
Brenda is making us bruchetta for lunch.
Yum, doesn't it look delicious!
What a lovely meal we had together.
We are taking this Survival thing seriously! We even filmed it! haha!
Here's Eileen showing off her new, used, shirt.
We set up the video camera in the laundry room and we each went in there whenever we felt like it and talked to the camera.
I was getting into it! haha!
I was in charge of Thursday's dinner.
I made sausage, veggie stir-fry pasta with garlic bread. It turned out delicious.
After dinner we went on a walk and then got in the hot-tub.
The next morning Kathleen made a yummy breakfast with ham & eggs and biscuits.
A cute picture of Virginia being our secretary. We were on our way to garage sales and she was writing down the addresses of the sales we found in the newspaper.
All of us a a garage sale.
After a hard day of garage saling! This morning the trunk was empty and now it's full!
The Bag Ladies' bags!
Eileen made us a wonderful fish dinner and when I asked her to take her picture she gave me a look of total exhaustion. She is so funny! Then I said, now look happy...
...and this is what she gave me! haha!
After dinner we went on another walk, but before we walked to took a bunch of silly pictures.
What's a girls weekend without a Charlie's Angel's pose? haha we're super models! haha!
This looks like we're folk singers and this is our album cover.
We decided to try to get a picture of us jumping... was very difficult...
...and it was quite hilarious! I love these girls.
Now it's the moment of truth. It's time for the Bag Ladies' Survival Island Tribal Counsel elimination ceremony! We were all given Bag Lady credit cards at the beginning of the trip. These are kind of like the torches in the Survivor TV show. They are also our voting ballots.
Virginia was our host and she's wearing a very special crown made from braided shopping bags!
It was time to vote on who we thought should be eliminated.
One by one each girl voted for who they thought should be eliminated and they placed their credit card in the ceremonial purse.
Each woman talked to the camera as she voted. Eileen looks as though she is really hoping to see the person she voted for to go! haha!
And guess who was voted off?
I was in total shock when I was voted off! The whole thing is a set-up and they are all against me! haha!
I was bawling as Virginia cut my credit card.
Then I had to walk in shame and go gather my things to go home! (haha Just kidding of course!)
Next was the announcement of the winner.
It was Gail! I thought she was my friend and she totally threw me under the bus!
She was awarded the coveted Bag Lady crown!
Then we all talked to the camera about our experience. Kathleen filmed two hours of material! She's going to edit it and we are going to have a "movie" night and watch it together. It's going to be a hoot!
The next morning after a sleepless night....the girls shunned me in the hot-tub because I was the loser. hahaha!
Nah, this was all in good fun and the reality is that we had sooooo much fun together!
I love all of these women! This was our 12th year of doing this! I hope that we have many, many more trips together!

"A friend loveth at all times." Provers 17:17a

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Fun and true friendship!.

Mardell said...

Oh my! You ladies cracked me up this a.m!!! What a hoot!

I'm still grinning looking back at the pictures. (Esp. the hot tub one with you pouting in the corner. LOL!) Now why on earth did you get voted out?) And the "confessional" in the laundry room. (Giggle!) Would love to see that footage...

Thanks for lightening my mood today, Sharon. You girls rock!

Lisa said...

That looks like so much!! I hope you don't mind if I steal your Survivor shopping trip idea, I would love to do that with my girlfriends :) You are blessed with such wonderful girlfriends.


Anonymous said...

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Sue said...

This was fun,for me to read Sharon, I wish you girls many more happy trips together. Thanks for sharing.

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