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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Senior Breakfast!

Centerpieces for the tables
 I have been on a committee for 9 months and we have been fundraising and planning the All Night Grad Party and also the Senior Breakfast. After all this time, we are finally meeting our goals and putting on these two very special and memorable events.
Setting up tables and chairs under the big tent
 Today I'd like to share with you pictures from the Senior Breakfast. This is a tradition at our school that the parents have put on for many years. It's a breakfast the morning of graduation day and it's put on before their last commencement ceremony practice. Generally it's held in the school cafeteria, but this year we were blessed and one of our committee members owns an event center. It's a gorgeous place where they hold weddings and other parties.
 On Thursday night the committee met there to set everything up, decorate and prepare the food.
 We have been blessed with a truly AWESOME committee! We all work hard and work together very well. We have worked hard raising the money to put on these events. We are all so exhausted from our busy weeks, but we are all cheerful and so happy that this day has finally come! Here's Marie, Peggy, Audrey and Marcia cutting up the muffins.
 Here's Audrey busy wrapping muffins. Each person brought special gifts and talents to the committee. Some people like to go door to door and ask for donations, other's like to do more of the manual labor and other's do more of the planning. I did lots of things, but my main thing was that I was the secretary, typed up the meeting minutes and kept everyone on track!
 Here's Nicole cutting watermelon.
 Aren't these trays of fruit beautiful! We decided not to cook breakfast, but to have more "grab and go" type of foods.
 We gave each graduate a gift bag full of fun goodies and gift cards. We found these darling bags with big paw prints on the front! They're perfect since our mascot is a bulldog!!!
 We worked so hard, but every thing's ready! We have to come back early tomorrow morning to do all the finally preparations. But for now, it's time to go home and get some much needed sleep!
 On the way home I drove by the gas station where Hayden works and saw this sign congratulating their workers who graduated and Hayden's name is there. I love small town life!!!
 The next morning I arrived at the event location at 7:30 am.
 I was greeted by this friendly peacock! Isn't it gorgeous!
 I love this place, it's so pretty. No other class has had such a beautiful senior breakfast!
 There's Peggy waving good morning!
 Thank goodness it was not raining, but it sure was windy! Look at that tablecloth to the right blowing in the wind!
 We put up this cute banner congratulating the kids.
 We had a lot of last minute preparations to do.
 We had to pull out all of the food that we prepared the night before.
 We also poured the drinks into big containers.
 Audrey was busy making sure the bags were all ready and she was adding more prizes to them.
 Wow, that's a lot of gift bags!
 Here I am bringing out the balloons, coffee in hand! It was so windy, I felt like they were going to take me away.
 Just walking from the house to the tent the balloons got all twisted up.
 There's Nevin holding balloons.
The guests started to arrive and went strait for the coffee!
 It's almost ready to start, so we took the plastic wrap off all the food.
 I can't get over how pretty these fruit platters look!
 Fresh fruit, muffins, bagels, yogurt, cheese sticks, coffee, milk and juice were on the menu.
 We were getting a good turn out!
 It looks like everyone is here, well, everyone but my son. :0(  I was calling the house and texting, but no answer, I'm afraid he's slept in. At this point I was really, really sad. I worked hard for this and my own son was not there to enjoy it with me.
 Pastor Dave said a prayer over the food.
 Time to eat! There's some of Hayden's buddies in line, Chevy, Nik, Aaron, Allen and Colton.
 Aaron filling his plate.
I looked up and I saw Hayden walking in. Finally, he's here!
He's last in line for food, but at least he made it! He said he accidentally slept in.
 We sat with Hayden's good friend, Colton and his mom, Kristy, who was also on the Grad Committee. Notice the cute fabric squares we laid over the black tablecloths on each table. They are red with black dog prints. The looked really cute. The floral centerpieces turned out really cute too. They have dog print ribbon tied on each one.
 Me and my boy! (I hate this picture of me, but it's the only one we got together).
 We had a great speaker, Rick, who gave an inspiring speech. He's a local celebrity and he used to be a newscaster for one of the local TV stations.
 I was so pleased that so many people came to our event. Everyone seemed to enjoy Rick's speech.
 He was funny and encouraging. You can see Hayden and me at the far right of this picture. After he spoke we watched a slide show with all the graduates baby pictures and senior pictures.
 Then the school mascot handed out the gifts to each grad.
 Here's Hayden getting his.
What a wonderful morning we had. I feel so good that our committee came together and put on such a nice event. We made great memories for all these grads. Now the next thing on the agenda is GRADUATION!!!!

"So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord,
continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him,
strengthened in the faith as you were taught,
and overflowing with thankfulness."
 Colossians 2:6-7                                   

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
It's amazing how you folks really go all out for your grads! I love it. What an awesome breakfast. Wow, lots of thoughts & prep into that. The venue was beautiful. How many students graduated? We average 70-80 per year. I had 72 in my class. The Bulldog gift bags were adorable! I liked that pic of you & Hayden ~ you looked like you were enjoying yourself...the way it should be. Sleepy-head Hayden (LOL!) When is his grad party?

Love seeing all the pics and hearing about the festivities. FUN!

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