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Friday, June 8, 2012

Last day of school....

Tuesday was Hayden's last day of school forrrr.evvvv.errrrr! I made him and his friend, Ryan, breakfast and as I was doing so I realized that this will be the last time I ever cook breakfast for one of my kids before they go off to school. So I quickly asked Hayden if he'd take my picture to mark this milestone. I am not a mom who makes breakfast everyday for the kids. Of course I did when they were little, but as they got older I taught them how to make their own and I just made it occassionally. I wanted them to not expect it and appreciate it when I did it. That's just how we did it in our home.
I then snapped a quick picture of Hayden on this big day.
I made bacon, eggs and toast.
Me and my last baby boy. All that mess on the counter is his scrap book stuff. He's busily working on putting all his photos and mementos that I have been saving for him since he was born into a big scrapbook that we will display at his graduation party on Sunday. My other boys did this too and they are just wonderful to look through and walk down memory lane. They are like a time capsule of their lives.
I love having kids in the house.
Ryan's a senior too. They both went to the senior camp-out at the high school last night, but they didn't spend the night. They said it was tons of fun.
They were both in such great moods knowing that this is the last day of school!
I was snapping all these pictures of him and told him I'm a "stalker" mom instead of a soccer mom! haha!
Okay, here's the famous last day of school on the front porch picture.
I took this one the day before just in case something went wrong and I didn't get one on the real last day. I thought it turned out really cute and wanted to show you that he wore his Pacific University t-shirt to school to wear proudly! He said that all his friends and coaches are so excited for him!
Oh honey! My sweet little 6 year old Hayden heading off to his very first day of school in kindergarten. My goodness, what a cutie pie! He's still a cutie pie! I miss this little boy. He certainly has grown, hasn't he!
 Just for fun I threw in these photos of my older boys on their last days of school. I couldn't find the picture of Mackenzie on his last day, but here's a picture of him in his cap and gown heading down to the school to the graduation ceremony, which was a few days after his last day of school in 2003.
 Here's Cameron in 2004.
And here's Grayson in 2009.
They're so excited!
Bye Hayden! Have a great last day of school!!!
There they go!
Wow, I cannot believe this day has come. I cannot even begin to tell you how surreal this is for me. I have had kids in school for the past 22 years. It feels really good to know that Eric and I have helped guide and direct our kids through this crazy, beautiful life we have here on earth. We had a great partnership with the public school system. We supplemented their educations with hands on life experiences. We feel like we did a really good job and we are very proud of all of our sons. Hayden graduates from high school tonight! I sure hope I won't cry, I really don't think I will (tonight anyway) we are so happy for him! Congratulations to the class of 2012!

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in Him.
He will be like a tree planted by the water...
its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
and never fails to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:7-8
Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Those pictures gave me goosebumps today Sharon. You portrayed Hayden's last day in such a touching way. I love the contrast in pictures from his first day to his last day , now you can hardly see the door he has grown into such a big man. I wish you all the best for the ceremonies . Donna

Anonymous said...

What a blessing you are to your sons. In the midst of them growing up - you are still their wonderful momma. You and your husband have done an excellent job raising your sons (I don't even personally know you - but I can tell from your blogging how special you are to God's heart you are reaping God's rewards for being close to Him. Also, the great thing we can pray for is that our children know and serve a risen Saviour. You are so blessed.

I read your blog most every day, Sharon - even though I haven't commented much.

Your blogs encourage me so.

My husband and I have been emptynested for 8 years now. At first it is so hard, but soon, very soon all your sons will be married and blessing you with their wonderful wives and gorgeous grandchildren. Then you will be so busy with them that the pain from being emptynested will ease and life will be even fuller of rich joy.

I have found two life long friends from a website called - it was so invaluable to me to be able to write others in the same boat. After that transition eased a bit on me, I am no longer on that website (my friends aren't either) - but write to my two dear friends every day and we have met up and called each other. I think Emptynestmoms was a lifesaver at the time. They have shared empty nest with me, kids getting married, elder care woes from my parents, getting to know my 3 daughters-in-law, 7 grandbabies being born and so much more.

Well, I need to finish getting ready for a weekend with my grandchildren. What a blessing.

But for now, Sharon, please take care of you - after the last one graduates from high school, it might be a tough week after that. In fact, it will be fun helping him buy his college supplies for his dorm - but through it all a deep sadness. So be sure to just let go and let God - be still with Him alot this summer.

Have a great weekend of graduation.

Grandma Willa

as always starzie said...

Oh Sharon being a mom myself I can identify with your feelings regarding Hayden's last day of school! Snif snif, now you have college graduations to look forward to! All of my three children have graduated from college, so I'm thru with graduations. Maybe, God willing, I will see my grandchildren graduate from their schools! You and Eric have done such a wonderful job raising your boys! They are outstanding young men and you can take much credit for that and be proud!
I am so happy for Hayden getting into a great college and being able to play football! God certainly has blessed him!
Have a wonderful time at Haydens graduation. And don't forget the box of tissues!
So happy for all of you!

Anonymous said...

your blog is such a blessing in my life! i've been reading it for 4 years now! You and your husband have done such a wonderful job with raising your boys. you are truly blessed!!


Beth said...

Congratulations to Hayden......and to his wonderful parents. You two were just as much a part of his successful school career. I'm sure you are bursting with pride, and you should be. I was so excited to read that Hayden's college dreams are coming true. God is so good, isn't He?

I love Grandma Willa's comment (and the others too). She has some wise advice. You have a lot of life to look forward to with adult children (that's an oxymoron, isn't it?)
Bless you all on this special day.


Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm trying to get caught up with your blog entries. Oh my, so much going on! Congratulations to Hayden for getting accepted to Pacicific. It looks like a wonderful place. How far is it from home? You've been on my mind & in my prayers as you transition into the soon to be empty nest. But you know, your nest will never be "empty" because it's filled with so much love.

Sending hugs. And when you're feeling a bit blue ~~ head to the thrift stores. It always helps me! :o)

Randi Jo :) said...

hey! I always try to comment but it never works, I don't think. I've followed your blogs for years - and this entry one was one of my faves. my baby boy just finished his first day of kindergarten! I admire so much how much of a priority mothering is to you. and your journal entries the other day about football --- sounds like so many of my journal entries - I worry worry worry! and have to surrender that often. I want to know more about the scrapbooks you did - what did you keep? How did you keep it? and how did you organize it at the end? :) I'd love to get a simple easy system in place now. God bless you!! :)

Anonymous said...

The last picture of him leaving the house is truly ethereal and intimates the mysterious and unknow part of his future. I can empathize with you, this emotionally charged event can be quite disarming leaving one in a daze.

Perhaps the door is symbolic of YOUR future as you begin the next step in your own personal developement, perhaps part of the arousal you're experiencing reflects your attachment to his future rather than your own. The opaque door frame representing the unknown future that you are about to address can produce axiety within you. This appears to be opportune time for reflection.

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