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Friday, June 22, 2012

I am so very thankful that I'm not crying!

These past two weeks have been WONDERFUL!
I've been doing a lot of sitting, relaxing and reflecting since my baby boy graduated. I have been full of anxiety for the past year spending time worrying that I would be really sad after the baby of the family graduated. What a waste of my emotions, but I couldn't help it.
I have been so very busy this past year with Hayden's senior year with his classes and busy sports schedule as well as helping him with college stuff. On top of that I was on the Class of 2012 Graduation Night Party Committee and spent a lot of time fundraising for both the all night grad party as well as the senior breakfast.
I think the thing that stressed me the most was trying to help Hayden get into a college where he could play football. The past couple of weeks I have been soooo busy with all the details with graduation and planning our party we gave him. On top of these extra events, we've still had family birthdays, holidays and gatherings, plus working 32 hours a week which is still new to me compared to my 24 hours a week. I have been busy and stressed!
I cannot tell you how good it feels to just sit on my porch and relax. Everything on my to do list is done and our house is clean and I feel really, really good!!! I have been thinking a lot about Hayden's graduation and I just feel very happy and I'm so very proud of him. I'm thrilled that I have not gotten sad at all.
It's such a wonderful surprise relief for me. I do realize that it could hit me later, especially when he leaves for college, but for now I'm very grateful. When my first son graduated, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I cried pretty much straight for two weeks. When the next one gradated the very next year, I did it again. When our third son graduated, I didn't get sad, which surprised me. I thought maybe I got it all out of my system, but I thought I would when the last one graduated. I did have sadness a lot throughout this past year thinking about when all of my boys were little, but I have not gotten sad after this big milestone.
The morning after Hayden graduated, I was not only NOT sad, but felt happy and had a very strong sense of accomplishment! Eric and I are done with the primary part of rearing of our children and we feel that we did a really good job and it feels really great!
So now I'm sitting here on my front porch after work just relaxing, but I'm staring at those balloons that are left over from Hayden's graduation party and they are bugging me, they are looking really droopy.
I just had a great idea!
I'm going to let this balloon go as a symbolic gesture that I'm letting my kids go and grow up and I'm going to try to not be sad when the memories come, but to rejoice that we had so many good ones and we had so much love and fun in our home.
There it goes!
Fly away balloon!
And fly away sadness!
I'm going to sit here and take a well deserved break, rejoice in the good memories and relax!

There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God, for apart from him who can eat or who can have enjoyment? "Ecclesiastes 2:24-25

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

I'm so proud of you, Sharon! I love the relaxing pictures of you on the porch. You have been one busy mom & have accomplished so much! You deserve to kick back. It brought a tear to my eye when you let the balloon much significance to that.

Have a wonderful weekend. You are amazing!

Sue said...

Great post, Sharon. The great thing about memories is that we tuck them away and are able to bring them out to relish. You and your family have made some wonderful memories, and i truly thank you for sharing them me, it always has been such a joy for me to visit. I am always reminded of my memories too, as I can honestly say, "been there, done that." ~smile~

You look so relaxed on your porch, and I am sure a much needed rest!
What I find so amazing is that the memories keep on being made. Just wait until those other beautiful daughters-in-love come, and let's not forget beautiful grandchildren too.

Anonymous said...

you should be so proud!
You are a role model for me...i have Jack-7 Charlie-5 and Alice 5 months old...

i van only hope we do as well with our kids as you have both done. Thank you for sharing! You will be blessed with grandbabies!!! i hear they are the best!!
Beth from michigan

Anonymous said...

You look very peaceful , I am happy that you are taking time to relax and enjoy your beautiful homes. Congratulations to you and Eric on your accomplishments . Donna

as always starzie said...

You go girl! Good for you! You are entering into a new exciting phase of life! I know. I've been there. All three of my kids have graduated from college. So I'm a little ahead of you. And as I've mentioned before, "Grandbabies" are awesome! I have four. You have so much to look forward to!
God Bless

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