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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hayden's graduation!!!!

So after the senior breakfast, all the kids went over to the high school to have commencement ceremony practice. He came home with his cap and gown and laid it on the couch. Oh, boo-wooo! Will I get through this?
A lot of the kids decorate the tops of their graduation caps. Here's Hayden's. He has a GI Joe because that was his favorite childhood toy, a cross to represent his walk with God and a Pacific University sign with a football.
Wow, doesn't he look nice!
Our tradition is that we give our sons their card and gift right before they leave for the ceremony.
He was pretty happy to receive a nice check from good ol' Mom and Dad!
One last quick mother and son shot before he heads off to the high school.
It cracked me up that he drove to the school in his cap and gown! Sadness started raining. Boo!
I got these pictures from someone else, but they got all the grads together for a group photo. I love it.
Here's Hayden and some of his friends waiting in the back before everything started.
Hayden and Michaela. They're so excited!!!
When we got there, the gym was absolutely packed. We were lucky to find seats, but I really liked where we sat, we saw everything and we were right by the door where the graduates walk in at.
I love this poster above the door. Okay, they're starting Pomp and Circumstance!!!!
Here comes Hayden! Haha! Isn't he cool with his glasses on!
I love this!!! All the parents and family are standing in respect to the graduates walking in to Pomp and Circumstance. This is a very big moment!
Some of his buddies. Taylor, Sam and Matt.
There they all are!!! The class of 2012!
Hayden's friend, Hannah, gave a very nice speech.
The big moment! Hayden's receiving his diploma!!!!
Good job son!!!
So very proud!
The class of 2012 is officially graduated!!!!
Woot woo!!! Hat's are flying everywhere!!!
Hayden walking out!
There was a sea of people out in the courtyard. Hayden finally found the family!
Everyone's so happy for him!
Grandma and Grandpa.
Proud Mom and Dad!
Hayden's checking out his hard-earned diploma.
Me and my boy.
Our whole family!
Mackenzie and Brittany.
My four boys! They're all graduated now!
They boys clowning around giving Hayden money for graduating! I love this picture!!!
Hayden talking with my good friend, Sarah and her husband Gerardo and sweet baby Savannah. If you remember, Hayden held Savannah in the Mr. Bulldog pageant when she was just a month old!
Love that boy!
Hayden with his youth pastors, Todd and Amanda. They have been the youth pastors to all four of my sons! I give them a lot of credit in helping my sons grown to be strong men of God.
Hayden hugging one of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Kim.
Hayden, Carlos and Allen.
Hayden and Taylor.
Kayla, Courtney, Hayden and Destiny
Gabe, Hayden, Sam and Aaron.
Sam creep'n behind Hayden. Haha! We have pictures like this dating back to when they were in middle school.
Hayden and Corbin.
As I was following Hayden around taking pictures, I noticed that so many people wanted to hug him and get their picture taken with him. I'm proud that he's such a nice person and good friend to many. Here's Hayden with Justin. He's an underclassman who admires Hayden.
More underclassmen. I said, let me get a picture of you with these pip-squeaks! haha They are all so nice and funny. Josh, Connell, Hayden and Will.
Hayden and Erica.
Hayden and Dakota.
Hayden, Allen and Matt.
These two have been friends since they were two years old! Nik moved in down the street and they started playing at an early age. It's neat that they are still really great friends!
Hayden and Ryan.
Hayden and Nick. He graduated too, but he already took off his gown.
One of Hayden's best buddies, Colton.
Hayden and Serge.
After about 45 minutes of the graduates, parents, friends and family all visiting in the courtyard, it started to rain and everyone scattered, but what good timing. I'm so glad it didn't rain during the fun. Wow, it's all over. That's Hayden walking off to meet his friends and to get on the bus to head to the "secret location" for the All Night Party that we planned. I sure hope the kids will have fun! 

I am so proud of my son. He did it! I'm proud of all of my sons and I'm proud of Eric and I. We raised four great men and we did a great job!!! Now we get to rest and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

"For I am confident of this very thing,
 that He who began a good work in you 
will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus."
 Philippians 1:6

Hugs, Sharon

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Anonymous said...

That was awesome ! Congratulations to you all , such a wonderful family. Donna

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