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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hayden's going to play college football!!!!

 Yes!!!! After all of those months of praying, it happened! Hayden got a text from coach Craft saying that he was accepted to Pacific! I was at work when Hayden sent this text to me. I was so happy!
 This was my reply back to him. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful answer to prayer! We give God all the glory!
 Of course, I wrote about it in my prayer journal. I am so thankful to God for answering our prayers! In the beginning we were still waiting to hear from Lindfield, so we were not completely finished with all of this yet, but this is a huge answer to prayer.
 Oh what a wonderful feeling!
 Then came the icing on the cake! A few days later we got the official acceptance letter in the mail along with a financial aid packet and his financial awards. He received 75% of the tuition in grants and scholarships! Praise God! In the middle of this, Hayden also got an email from the Portland State University football coach showing interest in him, but he emailed him back saying what Pacific has offered him and that coach said that at this point they couldn't offer anything close to that and he said,

"That's a heck of a deal, and I'd be doing you a disservice if I told you not to take it.  Best of luck to you going forward."

I look at this as further confirmation that we are going in the right direction.

We never did hear back from Lindfield, so we decided to make an appointment with Pacific to tour the campus and meet the coaches. I forgot to mention that Hayden also applied to be on Pacific's track team and they accepted him as well! Another really good sign is that both Coach Craft and the two track coaches were personally going to the admissions office checking on Hayden's application status. And when he finally got accepted we heard the news from Coach Craft in a text. He was just as excited as we were. To me this shows that they really want Hayden there and this makes me feel really, really good.
 We were so pleased when we drove into the town. It's a very cute little small town with a population of 21,000.
 This was our first view of the university.
 I heard Hayden say an excited, "Oh my gosh!"
 It is a gorgeous campus!
 It's very historical. The college was founded in 1849!
 There are tons of beautiful old trees on the campus.
We started at the Admissions Office where we met Hayden's new track coach, Coach Johnson. She gave us a tour of the campus.
 And what a beautiful campus it is! It's also small and easy to get around.
She was so nice and told us so many interesting things about the school.
 The more we saw it, the more we liked it.
 They even have a clock tower!
They have a gorgeous cutting edge library with the use of computers and printers. Coach Johnson told us that Hayden won't even need to bring a computer!
 She took us to the student cafeteria and lounge area. This eating area is beautiful.
This was such an exciting time for all of us!
 I immediately felt comforted that my son would be eating and hanging out here.
 It's really a small college with 1500 undergrads and 1500 graduate students. Coming from a town of 6000 and going to a school of 400, this will be an easier transition for Hayden than if he were to go to a massive college.
 Coach Johnson told us that the cafeteria has really good food with an interesting and tasty menu. All of his meals will be covered with his tuition.
 She showed us some classrooms which are great because they are small! The average class size is 19 with a 13 to 1 student/teacher ratio.
 The student housing is beautiful.
 Each dorm is larger than average.
 And he won't need to bring any furniture, just his clothing, books and personal items.
Their mascot is a Boxer. It's not a typical Boxer, it's a Chinese version of the Boxer. It's kind of a dragon/dog mix. Pretty cool!
 Now we're headed to the sports complex to meet the football coaches.
 There's Coach Craft on the left and head coach, Coach Buckley. They were so nice and friendly.
 They handed him this touching card signed by all of the football staff. This warmed my heart.
Coach Craft was just as nice in person as he was in his emails and on the phone. He took us on a tour of the football facilities. We were blown away by this huge practice building called The Field House.
 Then we saw this nice weight room. As we walked around, we ran into a bunch of football players. We noticed that Coach Craft had a genuine, warm and personable relationship with all of them and he was so kind to introduce Hayden to all of them.
 We couldn't believe the size of the locker room, this is only half of it, it's huge. It's really like the big leagues now. Coach said that they get the music pumped up really loud and they get fired up before games.
 It was so exciting to be there and hear everything they had to offer.
They have a large coaching staff with position specific coaches, trainers, physical therapists and even a team doctor. Wow, this is really the big time now!
We walked through the tunnel to get out to the field. Wow, the next time Hayden goes through here, he will be in uniform!
 And there it is.....where the magic happens! haha! The football field and the track! It's so exciting!
Coach Craft told us all about the history of football at Pacific. The college had a football team up until it's 99th year in 1990, when it was voted to shut down the program. The school felt that it was a financial burden and apparently some other reasons, so they closed it down.
 But, over the next twenty years, student enrollment declined, especially boys. The school population was 75% female and they realized that the school and the town needed the football program back.
 The powers that be decided to bring the football program back just two years ago. It is a NCAA Division III school. The program is still building. In the last two years they have only won one game. We are actually very excited that Hayden gets to be part of a building program. He will be part of the school's history. They can only go up from here! This story reminds me of something out of the movies. We are really, really happy about it and the good news is that they are excited to get Hayden to be on the team and to be a part of the rebuilding of the program!
 We had such a great visit and this only confirmed for us that this is the right place for Hayden.
 It's official, he's going to Pacific!
 One more prayer of gratefulness.
 It's official, he's a Boxer! Oh, and did I mention that I love the school colors? Red, black and white! Just like the Bulldogs and just like my alma mater, the Highlanders! :0)
 Now we get to see him do more of this......
 .....and this!
I'm so thankful to God for answering our prayers and giving all of us such a peace about it. We still need to get the finances in line, but we feel like the Lord will work all of this out for us too. I'm so thankful that my son is going to achieve his dream of playing college football. It has been a long and stressful journey, but God has been with us through it all and has opened the doors to the right place for Hayden. 

"You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done!" Psalm 92:4

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hayden ! Well Done ! Congratulations to you and Eric you must be so proud of all his accomplishments. He will become coach Hayden and an excellent one at that. It will be so interesting to see what direction he takes. The University looks awesome it reminds me of one we have here . St michaels and the campus looks very similar. One of my friends was a house parent there . .Donna

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, I had chill bumps reading this. What a faith builder for you and to all who read this, too. May God surround Hayden with His protection. Sharon, you and your husband must be so proud and thankful to the Lord. Hallelujuah.


Theresa said...

Congrats to your son, it is amazing how God answers our prayer, not in out timing, but on his time table. This looks like the ideal school for your son, know your family is excited about this new chapter in his life. I know it is difficult when child grows up and leaves home, been there, done that, (I cried for weeks after mine left). This is a great chapter in your life - time for you and husband to spend time together. Go ahead cry, go thru the sad time, then it will get better and you will enjoy time with husband. Your life will always be busy with 4 sons and your other family. God bless all your family.

Dan said...

Congrats! As a student counselor, its always refreshing to hear (in this case read) about these positive events where perseverance and hard work pays off in the end.

I always preach to my students that with hardwork and determination, you'll always find a way to succeed.

Best of luck and wishes to Hayden and God bless!

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